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Brochure Fundraising Ideas - Easy, Profitable and 100% Risk Free

Brochure fundraising ideas from Fundraisingzone.com provide a 100% "risk free" way for schools, cheerleading squads, booster clubs, youth sports teams, daycare centers and other nonprofit organizations to raise money for their cause. Additional types of groups we help raise money for using our brochure fundraising programs include: senior class trips, school music boosters, school prom events, holiday shops, daycare centers, soccer teams, dance groups, gymnastics teams, football teams, class-of events, chidcare centers, cub scouts, boy scouts, school band boosters, youth sports teams and church youth groups. We are particularly proud that our brochures have been use to help the less fortunate - as we look at these causes in part, to be our responsibility as Americans. "Humanity is a Participation Sport". Original quote by Joseph Wolpin in 1995.


Fundraising Brochure Ideas

We have been helping groups just like yours raise money for over fifty years, our longevity speaks volumes about our ability to help youth groups raise money easily, efficiently and profitably. Our brochure / catalog fundraising and customized team spirit options currently include Snackin in the USA, Winter Wonderland Gift Wrap, Holiday Collection Gift Wrap, Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Gourmet Goodness, Caramel Popcorn, $10.00 Cookie Dough, Gourmet Snacks and Homestyle Fudge. Our brochures offer profits up to 52% and all of brochure fundraisers provide your group with everything it will need to raise money. We can help you plan team and school spirit fundraisers as well - items such as tee shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles and thousands of other items.

Why Choose Fundraisingzone.com for your Brochure Fundraiser?
Services Provided to Help You Succeed
Tracy Hamilton Inc.
Earn up to 52% profits Fundraisingzone.com provides 52 percent profits Yes
Free collection envelopes Yes Yes
Computer Tallying of your order Yes No
Free Brochures (always) Yes No
Free Shipping for brochures & products Yes No
Prize program for every client Yes No
Company with 50 years of experience Yes No
100% money back guarantee Yes No
No-nonsense return policy Yes No
Free parent letters in English & Spanish Yes No
Pick your own "Start Date" Yes No
Online Ordering - send emails to boost sales. Yes No
Immediate on-line UPS tracking Yes No



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