Church Fundraising Ideas


Church Mission Fundraising

What are the Best Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas?

Mission trips are popular all over the country, as many people tend to go on them while in college as part of service organizations. They are also popular in churches and other service groups for people of all ages. Read More...

Christian Academy Fundraising Ideas

Christian Academy Fundraising Ideas

If your christian school, christian academy, montessori school or religion-based school is looking for a profitable and easy-to-manage fundraiser then please consider the benefits and values of running a "risk free" program with Tracy Hamilton Inc. Read More...

DECA Fundraisers

Church Choir Fundraising Ideas

Choir brochure fundraising ideas from offers your choir the opportunity to earn profits of up to 52% and it is a convenient, safe and fun way way to raise money - and it is 100% Risk Free. We provide brochure fundraising programs to choirs and choral groups. Plus we have 50 years of experience. Read More...

Church Group Fundraisers

Fundraising for a Good Cause: How Churches Can Gain Community Support for their money making efforts.

Churches are a mainstay where, no matter what your faith, you can appreciate the selfless giving and charity they offer to the communities they serve. They establish shelters for the homeless and those in need, organize schools of all grade levels, feed the homeless, offer job placement for those who are unemployed, and contribute to the spiritual development of their congregation. There is no more noble a cause. Read More...