Jewelry Fundraising

Jewelry fund raising is a profitable and fun way for elementary schools, youth groups, sports leagues and other non-profit organizations to raise money for their cause or coffers. Our line of "Jewelry Fund Raising" items sells very well, and the profits run as high as 50% - we also offer a great prize program.

Costume jewelry sales have been increasing steadily across the United States for fundraising groups- and our program is well suited for a large variety of non profit youth groups. We have a great "Jewelry Fund Raising" brochure and our services are unbeatable. Jewelry fund raising programs are a great "new" way to raise much needed funds for schools, youth groups, dance teams, sports teams, church youth groups, etc and will allow you have profits up to 50%, all risk free..!

Jewelry Fundraising - Inexpensive & Profitable

Fashion jewelry from Tracy Hamilton Inc. offers a wide selection of products; such as sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, watches, purses, cuff bracelets, stretch bracelets, toggle bracelets, bangle bracelets, tote bags, hair clips and much, much more. Our line of fashion jewelry also offers a wonderful variety of stones, colors and materials, which include: silver, gold, crystal and an assortment of beautifully colored stones.

Costume Jewelry Fundraisers Program

If your school or group is looking to raise profits up to 50% which also includes our free prize program or 2% cash rebate, then we urge you to consider using our brochure - there is no risk and we ship the brochures within 48 hours.

  • Hammered ring, necklace and earrring set
  • Pink crystal hanging earrings
  • Chandelier bracelet
  • Petals cuff bracelet
  • Animal print tote bag
  • "I love Cheer" necklace
  • Filegree butterfly ring
  • Copper artistic necklace
  • Pink ribbon earrings
  • Making music tote
  • Sparkle bead earrings


Jewelry Fundraising Free Request Kit

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