Junior Class Trip Fundraising

Junior class fundraiser planners; such as booster clubs leaders, school group decision-makers, principals, class advisors, team developers,etc are always on the lookout for new and profitable ways to reaise money for their junior classes - here are Tracy Hamilton Inc. we offer a wide variety of options to help you achieve your goals. Click here to view some of our "Junior Class Trip Fundraising" solutions.

There are dozens of reason for junior classes to want to raise money and many of them have something to do with planning and paying for a class trip - which could be for some of the following:

What are some of the things class trip fundraisers are used for?

  • Booking hotel reservations
  • Transportation: Such as paying for travel by air, bus or car
  • Travel Expenses: Food, snacks and other incidentals
  • Special trip expenses

Many schools are involved in intramural sporting events which can include: football, baseball, swimming, soccer, archery, basketaball, dance competition,etc and they need to raiser money for these groups to go on these trips - so we can help these groups raise the money they need - and it is all risk free. Please "click here for a free kit".


Junior class trip fundraising ideas


Junior Class Trip Fund Raising: Free Brochures

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