Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Elementary school fundraising brochures and catalogs are a risk free and great way for PTA / PTO's to raise money with profits of up to 50%. "Fundraisingzone.com" offers elementary schools a wide variety of fund raising solutions - which include gift brochures, snacks, fudge, cheese, pretzels and gift wrap - whatever your elementary school is looking for we have a "money making" answer for you.

We have an ever-changing line of color brochures and new product ideas are always in the pipeline. We have helped thousands of elementary schools raise tens of millions of dollars and we have developed brochures and products for your next elementary school fundraiser. Call us at 800.645.6550 for information. We suggest that if you are looking for a free "No Risk Fund Raising" solution then please request a "Free Fundraising Kit" today. Schol fund raising has been a large part of raising money for bosoter clubs, school band clubs, senior class advisors, junior class advisors, school choir leaders, PTA leaders, PTO leaders and other school club and elementary school decision-makers.

Brochure Catalogs Ideas for Elementary Schools

Elementary School Cookie Dough Fundraising
This delicious "brochure fundraiser" is easy to sell and tastes amazing. Elementary schools throughout the country sell cookie dough and you can too. It's very easy to sell a whole lot of cookie dough in a very short time...!
Cookie Dough Fundraising for elementary schools
Gourmet Snack Fundraising for Schools
Earn up to 50% with our inexpensive line of caramel covered popcorn known as "Gourmet Snacks". The value in this program as a brochure fundraiser is that every item is priced at only $6.00 retail each - which is great during tough economic times - and this brochure is doing very, very well.
Gourmet Snacks fundraising
Jewelry Fundraiser
A great collection of inexpensive and fun jewelry - a great program for small groups and sports leagues, especially cheer groups. This is a great way for elementary schools to raise money - and it is all risk free.
School jewelry fundraising


School Fundraising Ideas - Contact Information (800.645.6550)

We offer elementary schools a wide variety of product and fundraising ideas. We have been working with elementary schools since 1965. So if your elementary school is looking to raise money then please visit either our "Brochure Fundraising" or "Direct Sale Fundraising" section to view our complete line.

You can also send us an email with your request for something you don't see at our site.


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