Brochure & Catalog Fundraising Checklist

Fundraising Checklist for your Brochure Money Raising Program

In order to best serve you before, during and after you begin your brochure fundraising program please read the following. If you have questions or concerns please call our office at 1(800) 645-6550 between 9:00 - 5:00 EST, Monday through Friday.

  1. CHECK SUPPLIES. Count up the amount of brochures, collection envelopes and prize program brochures (if applicable) that are in the box(s) you have received to make sure they are all there. Please do this immediately.
  2. FILL IN DATES. Use the space provided on the collection envelopes and fill in the date you want the order and money returned to you (sponsor) from the participants. The fundraiser should run for no more than two weeks.
  3. PRIZE PROGRAM. If you chose a "Prize Program" please make sure the participants / parents are aware of it and that they receive one with their packet.
  4. LATE ORDERS. After the fundraiser is complete (if time allows) please allow two to three days after your "final return date" for late orders to come in. We do not accept "add-on" orders after we receive your forms.
  5. SEND IN FORMS. On collection day please make sure that the amount of money in each envelope correctly matches the item values ordered. If you have a generic order form please mail back the "white copy". If your brochure has its own order form then please detach the bottom portion but make sure that all participants names are clearly written and that all totals are carried down accurately. Mail all totals to:

    Tracy Hamilton Inc.
    337 Merrick Road, Suite 5
    Lynbrook, New York, 11563
  6. REMITTANCE. Do not send cash or checks with your order (unless instructed to). After we receive your order we will run a "variance" report, which will find most errors. When that is complete you will be advised of your exact profit and amount to be remitted.
  7. FINAL STEP. Afteryou receive your order, which is generally within two to threeweeks after we process it we strongly urge you to inspect thatthe entire shipment has been received in good order. Additionally,please wait one week for participants / parents to report missingor damaged merchandise at which time you can fill out the enclosed "Missing / Damaged Merchandise Claim Form" and fax it to us at: 516.764.4530


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