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Fundraisingzone.com is a true "Full Service" brochure product fundraising company. We have been in business for over fifty years and we offer non profit groups and schools the most competitive array of services and material to make your next fundraising campaign a success-we have to, we want you as a customer next year.

We provide you with free color brochures, collection envelopes, prize flyers and everything else your school or group will need to run a successful brochure fundraiser. But for any reason you decide to cancel your fundraiser after you receive your brochures, your group will be charged $.75 per brochure sent. This is necessary to keep expenses down to those groups and schools who are legitimatley running a fundraiser. Thank you.

Service Your Cost
Free color brochuresColor brochures - beautifully detailed FREE
Free prize brochuresFree prize brochures or 2% cash rebate FREE
Free sorting and tallyFree sorting & tallying of your entire order FREE
Free collection envelopesThree-part collection envelopes - makes ordering a snap FREE
Free collection envelopes9" x 12" collection envelopes FREE
Free shipping on all refrigerated products (Minimums apply) FREE
Parent letters in English & Spanish - or we can send you word document FREE
Shipping on all non-refrigerated products with a total sale above $2,500 FREE



Band Fund Raisers We have a full line of well detailed brochures that are tailor made for school band fundraiser initiatives. 100% risk free
Band Booster Fundraising Ideas
Booster Club Fund Raising If you are looking for high quality money-makers for your boosters, we can offer you ten different choices, they are risk free and offer profits up to 52%.
Boy Scout Fundraising Find quality boy scout fundraiser products with us, we have dozens of direct sale products and ten color brochures that boy scout groups can use to raise money.
Brochure Fund Raising
Candy Bar Fund Raisers
Candy Fund Raising
Car Wash Fundraiser
Caramel Corn Fund Raising
Catalog Fund Raisers
Catalog Fund Raising
Catalog Fundraisers
Catholic School Fundraisers
Charter School Fund Raising
Cheer Fund Raising
Cheerleading Fundraising We offer cheerleaders, dance teams, cheer groups, school cheer teams raise money for a variety of needs, including trips out of town, lodging, hotel costs, uniforms, special camps and much more.
Chocolate Fundraising
Choir Fund Raising Ideas
Christian Academy Fundraising
Church Fund Raising
Class Trip Fund Raising If your high school or junior high school or for that matter, any class in the shool is planning a "class trip" and they need funds we can offer some profitable solutions and easy fundraising ideas which can generate the funds necessary for your trip. There are myriad ways to raise money and we are here to help, regardless if you work with us or not.
Cookie Dough Fund Raisers
Cub Scout Fundraising
Dance Fund Raising
Dance Team Fundraisers
Day Care Fundraising
Deca Fund Raising
Drama Club Fund Raising
FBLA Fund Raising
Field Hockey Fund Raising
Football Fund Raiser Ideas
Fund Raisers for Schools
Gift Wrap Fund Raising
Girl Scout Fund Raisers
Girls Basketball Fund Raising
Gymnastic Fund Raising
Head Start Fundraisers
Hersheys Fund Raisers
High School Fundraising
Humane Society Fundraising
Irish Dance Fundraising
Jewelry Fund Raising
Junior Class Trip Fundraising
Little League Fund Raising
Lollipop Fundraising
Magazine Fund Raising
Marching Band Fund Raisers
Marching Band Fundraising
Non Profit Fund Raisers
Pay-to-Play Fundraising
Preschool Fund Raising
Pretzel Fund Raising
Profitable Fund Raising
Prom Fund Raisers
PTA Fund Raisers
PTO Fund Raising
School Fund Raising Ideas
School Holiday Shop
School Spirit Fund Raising
Soccer Fund Raising
Softball Fundraising Ideas
Sports Fund Raising
Sports Team Fund Raisers
Student Council Fundraising Ideas
Swim Team Fundraising
Team Fundraisers
Team Spirit Fundraising
Team Spirit Items
Wrapping Paper Fund Raiser
Youth Baseball League Fund Raising
Youth Group Fund Raisers




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