Top Selling Fundraising Ideas

Brochure and direct sales fundraising choices are everywhere and we have some of the best and most profitable choices in the industry. We are dedicated to bringing you the best brochure and direct sale fundraising ideas. We have worked with over 20,000 non-profit groups and we work hard to bring you programs that sell, here are a few of our best. We have helped non profit groups, such as schools, sports leagues and other groups raise millions of dollars.

Who Doesn't Like Lollipops: We offer a wide variety of lollipop fundraising options for all the major holidays and for any time of the year.

Some Cookie Dough Might do the Trick: This delicious "brochure fundraiser" is easy to sell and tastes amazing. Groups and teams throughout the country sell cookie dough and you can too. It's very easy to sell a whole lot of cookie dough in a very short time...!

Yummy $1.00 Chocolate Bars: "Whitney's" famous chocolates bars to your organization.  There are many "brand type" name out there and we urge you to ask them what percentage of "cocoa" they have in their chocolates - ours is 36%.  Our $1.00 retail bars comes in five great flavors and we ship our product across the country free of charge.

Smencils: Smencils are a great way for schools, school groups, sports teams, booster clubs and other non profit groups raise money in a responsible and environmentally friendly way - offering scented pencils - known all over as "Smencils".

Snackin in the USA This six page Snackin' in the USA (The Snack Bowl) brochure is great for any school or group looking to raise anywhere from a few hundred to up to $5,000 or more.  If you are looking for a great tasting and “recession proof” fundraiser--then this brochure is the one for you…!

The offers a wide variety of product fundraising solutions. If our fundraising recommendations are not suitable for your specific groups' needs then please visit either our "Line of Brochure Fundraising Ideas" or "Direct Sale Fundraising" section to view our complete line.

Fundraising Choices for Schools, Cheerleaders, Dance Teams, Sports Groups and other Youth Groups

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