About Us

Our company was established in 1965 and we have served thousands of schools and non profit groups in that time and have helped them raise tens of millions of dollars.  Tracy Hamilton Incorporated started out as a small mail order company decades ago by people who wanted to offer local fundraising groups an alternative to baking pies and running garage sales in order to raise much needed funds. As an alternative and time-honored tradition we offered inexpensive gifts and accessories to these small groups which in turn would sell them for a fair profit. In time we began offering additional items always adding a few new touches along the way. Today our website offers a wide variety of brochure fundraising choices, direct sale products and school holiday shop programs along with school spirit solutions.  What you will find today is the essence of years of hard work and the continuing effort of Tracy Hamilton to bring you the best value and service in the product fundraising industry. 

Contact us at 800.645.6550

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