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Sports Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Leagues

Welcome to Fundraising Zone, the home of the best sports fundraising ideas for schools and local teams.

On our website you will find a tremendous resource of information to help your sports team earn the most money.

For instance, on this page you will find:

  • Free sports fundraising ideas
  • 100% NO RISK sports fundraiser programs.
  • Free articles to help your team raise the most money.
  • And finally, you get answers to the top questions you have about sports fundraising.

Are you ready to get started?

So, here are our top Sports fundraising ideas to help you make the most money.


Winter fundraisers for sports teams

Did you know sports teams all over the country like yours are raising money selling wrapping paper during the holiday season? Imagine earning up to a 50% profit on every sale your players make. This is also a no-brainer because your friends and family will be buying gift wrap, bows and gifts this holiday season anyway.

Winter Wonderland Fundraising Catalog

Sports Teams Love Our  “Winter Wonderland” Gift Brochure

  • Plaid reversible wrap
  • Lumberjack candle
  • Tree farm travel mugs
  • Vintage Christmas wrap – 44 Sq. Feet
  • Set of 12 treat / gift boxes
  • Chip and snack clip container
  • “I love you to the moon and Back” pillow
  • Set of five coloring books – very cool designs
  • Peanut butter cups
  • Cashew backs…and much more…!

Winter Wonderland Top Sellers

Winter Wonderland 2019 32
Winter Wonderland 2019 33
Winter Wonderland 2019 2
Winter Wonderland 2019 4
Winter Wonderland 2019 20
Winter Wonderland 2019 21
Winter Wonderland 2019 23
Winter Wonderland 2019 28

Popcorn sports fundraising ideas

Your sports team can earn up to a 50% profit selling gourmet popcorn. It retails for only eight dollars so your sports fans will be happy to support your cause.

Finally, whether you are raising money to pay for new sports equipment or uniforms, selling popcorn can make a difference for your school team or league. 

Popcorn Fundraiser

Popcorn Fundraiser

Item Choices for $8.00 Caramel “Popcorn Pleasures” – Sports Teams Love These Popcorn Fundraiser Flavors

  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Corn
  • Gourmet Caramel Corn
  • Hokey Pokey with Chocolate
  • Spicy Chicago Style Popcorn
  • Original Hokey Pokey
  • Caramel Corn with Chocolate
  • Caramel Apple Corn
  • Chicago-Style Popcorn

$8.00 Popcorn Top Sellers


Cookie dough sports fundraisers

Kids like to eat cookie dough, don’t they? Our cookie dough fundraiser for sports programs allows your school to sell delicious gourmet cookie dough.

So, what do you think if you earned up to five dollars on every 2 pound tub of cookie dough you sold? THINK cookie dough and you will soon have the money your team requires. This works because people love cookies!

$10 Cookie Dough Fundraising Ideas
Low Retail


$10.00 Cookie Dough Fundraiser for Youth Sports teams


  • Caramel Pecan Chocolate Chip
  • Snickerdoodle
  • White Chocolate Macadamia
  • M & M Candies
  • Sugar
  • Oatmeal Raisin
  • Peanut Butter
  • Chunky Chocolate Chip

$10 Cookie Dough Top Sellers

10 dollar cookie dough cover

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Youth soccer FundraisersFAQ about Sports Fundraising

These are some of the top questions teachers, parents and coaches ask us when they call to talk to one of our fundraising experts.

Why is sports fundraising important?

State budget cuts affect sports programs at school. This means there is less money or no money for your local sports program. Where does the money come from?

It comes from booster clubs and PTA’s that are willing to get involved to make up the difference. This money can be used for uniforms, sports equipment, special training or camps, tournament fees, trophies and travel expenses.

Thankfully, we have ideas to help you.

What food can you sell at a sports fundraiser?

Our brochures contain dozens of popular food and snacks that are perfect for fundraising.

For example, some of our best food fundraising ideas include:

  1. Trail mix.
  2. Many flavors of cookie dough to choose from.
  3. All kinds of gourmet coffee.
  4. Cinnamon buns.
  5. All kinds of gourmet popcorn flavors.
  6. Candy.
  7. Chocolate.
  8. Pretzels.
  9. And finally, much much more!

This is just a sampling. Some of these products are ready to eat while others allow you to make them at home with your children. Either way they are delicious!

What kind of sports teams will your program work for?

fastpitch softball sports fundraising ideas

We’ve had all different kinds of sports teams raise money over the last five decades including the following:

  1. Volleyball fundraising 
  2. Baseball fundraising 
  3. Softball fundraising
  4. Football fundraising 
  5. Basketball fundraising 
  6. Lacrosse fundraisers
  7. Swimming fundraisers
  8. Bowling fundraisers
  9. And finally, soccer fundraisers

We also believe our super simple fundraisers can help out any kind of team looking to raise money. This is because we have a simple system for you to follow.

How do you raise money for a sports team?

Here are 8 ways to get your team funded. 


  1. Sports fundraisers with Scoop and Bake Cookie DoughHost a Fundraising Event. If you’re looking for ideas, our fundraisingbrochures are perfect for any sports event. For instance, you can earn a thousand dollars or more by selling popcorn or cookie dough.
  2. Sell Branded Merchandise.  Since you have so many sports fans, you might as well sell team brand merchandise like tee shirts, hats and sweatshirts.
  3. Offer Lessons. Imagine you are best athletes offering lessons on how to pitch, hit, spike, kick or anything else a sports fan might want to learn.
  4. Rent-an-Athlete or hold Player Auctions. Just suppose you rented out your players or auction them off to do odd jobs like yard work or cleaning out the garage.
  5. Start a Crowdfunding Campaign. Do you have friends and family that are willing to donate to your fundraiser? Then maybe you should think about starting an online crowd funding campaign.
  6. Sell Discount Cards and Voucher Books. Contact local businesses to see if they would like to join your program. Ask them for a coupon or discount for your customers. Sell the cards and keep a profit or a percentage of what you sell.
  7. Share Your Facilities. Just suppose you rented out your gym or field during the times you were not using them. That is easy extra money for your sports program or sports organization.
  8. Finally, find a SPONSOR. We have some suggestions on finding sponsors below.

How to score a sponsorship for your youth sports team

Here are a few tips to find a local sponsor in your community.

  1. Who do you know that has a business? Ask every player on your team to do the same. 
  2. Think about businesses in your community.  Reach out to anyone you know that has a contact there already.
  3. Can you reach out to past alumni that own businesses or now work for big companies?
  4. Additionally, reach out to national companies that sponsor local teams.
  5. Make sure you are using all of the digital tools available to you including social media, email, texting and video to get your message out there.
  6. Furthermore, make them an offer they can’t refuse. What free advertising and exposure can you offer them to make it easy for them to sponsor you?
  7. Finally, be personable and professional as you represent your school or team.

What good companies should you ask for sponsorship?

Reach out to local companies in your neighborhood in the community. The best companies are those that have your fans as ideal prospects.

For instance, here are a few ideas.

  • Sports equipment stores.
  • Lawn companies.
  • Restaurants.
  • Sports doctors and chiropractors.
  • Home improvement contractors.
  • Sports bars.
  • Caterers.
  • And finally, car repair shops.

How do sports teams make money?

Here are 7 great sports fundraising ideas to keep your team going all year long.

  1. Best popcorn fundraiser for sports teamsDonation Tables. You can have volunteers donate items to sell and people can offer donations to buy them. A great thing to sell would be used sports equipment or uniforms and cleats that no longer fit your athletes.
  2. Team Up with Local Restaurants. Host a sports party to watch your favorite game on the TV while eating good food with friends. Your sports team earns a percentage of the profits.
  3. Bake Sale. Moms and dads make awesome homemade treats to sell at school or before your next game.
  4. Additionally, you can hold a raffle. Buy something fun that you can raffle off in your community. Use a portion of the raffle proceeds to purchase the item you will be raffling off. Make sure to advertise this heavily using flyers on social media.
  5. Furthermore, you can have a car wash. Your team can wash cars and earn $10 per vehicle. This makes a great spring or summer sports fundraiser idea.
  6. Team Garage Sales. This is a great way to clean out your garage and make extra money for your sports organization. These work well because people are always looking for a good deal.
  7. And finally, use our free fundraising brochures and earn 50% profit on everything you sell. Can you imagine how amazing that would be?

How can I raise a lot of money fast for our sports team?

get your free fundraising kit now
get your free fundraising kit now

There are many ways to raise money fast for sports.

Our favorite would have to be using our free fundraising brochures. When your customers see the delicious products in our brochure, they will want to buy them. Your team earns up to a 50% profit on every sale. There is zero risk on your part because we send you everything to succeed for free.

If you are looking for money this weekend, then you can’t go wrong with a car wash or garage sale.

What are good things to sell for a fundraiser?

We believe there are three important criteria defining a good thing to sell at your next sports fundraiser.

  1. Is it something people want to buy?
  2. Is it affordable for most people?
  3. And finally, does the company stand behind the fundraising merchandise?

This is why we believe our food fundraisers and gift wrap fundraisers are so popular with school sports teams.

How do you organize a sports fundraiser event?

Are you looking for some tips to organize your sports fundraising event?

We hope these 10 simple steps will help you plan a successful fundraising event for your sports team.

  1. Firstly, get organized.
  2. Secondly, choose a fundraising committee.
  3. Thirdly, select your dates. Give yourself 2 weeks from start to finish.
  4. Choose a Fundraising brochure. Our experts will help you pick the perfect one for your sports program.
  5. Train your volunteers! We can show you how to do this.
  6. Promote Your fundraiser event using the tips below.
  7. Collect payment upfront for your orders.
  8. Send in payment to Fundraising Zone for your product.
  9. Deliver your fundraising merchandise to your customers and sports fans.
  10. And finally, keep the difference as your profit!

How do you promote a sports fundraising event successfully?

Here are 9 great tips to promote your next fundraiser event.


  1. Firstly, have a mastermind session with your team, booster club and parents. Brainstorm ideas on how to promote your sports fundraiser.
  2. Secondly, know your target customer. Who are your best customers? Make a list of everyone you know. If all of the players did this, that would mean a lot of potential customers.
  3. Thirdly, do you have a list of donors and supporters from last year’s athletic fundraiser event? It’s time to dust off those donor lists!
  4. Keep your message simple. So, why are you raising money this year for your sports team? You must have a big enough reason why to get your friends to support your team or league. Be sure to include your fundraiser message when talking to your prospects. Help them to see how their donation will help young people in your community.
  5. Get some publicity! Reach out to your school paper and your local news paper. Local papers will also often give you free coverage for nonprofit announcements. Include your big reason why you are having your sports fundraiser. If you have a good enough human interest angle, you might get some extra press coverage. 
  6. FLYERS! We can help you design a beautiful flyer advertising your next fundraising event. Then have your athletes distribute the flyers to local businesses and homes in your area.
  7. find us on facebookAdditionally, please use social media. Use Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to advertise your next sports fundraiser.
  8. Furthermore, reach out to friends and family by using text and email too.
  9. Finally, use Facebook live video events to keep in touch with donors and volunteers. Post photos and videos of happy customers enjoying their products. These positive testimonials will help you sell more product.

How far in advance should you promote an event?

When hosting a brochure fundraising event, you typically need to plan 90 days in advance. This allows you to have the time you need to plan and run your fundraiser. Additionally, it will give you plenty of time to deliver your  products before the holidays.

How do I make my sports fundraiser successful?

There are 4 keys to running a successful sports fundraiser.

  1. Choose a fundraising company that has a lot of success working with sports teams. This way you get everything you need to succeed. Make sure they also provide free coaching so you can avoid the common mistakes that come with experience.
  2. Choose a fundraiser that people are willing to support. This means products that they like to buy anyway.
  3. Preparation! Plan your work, then work your plan.
  4. And finally, get your kids involved from the very beginning. Look for ways to make it fun and to keep them excited about supporting your fundraising event.

How do you motivate students to fundraise?

Here are 4 tips to help you to keep your athletes motivated during your fundraiser:

  1. get your free fundraising kit nowSet up a prize incentive program. This way the students can pick the gifts they want to win. offers a free prize incentive program to help you sell the most products.
  2. Additionally, let the students have a voice in the planning and brainstorming. If it’s their idea, they will be more willing to support it.
  3. Furthermore, make it a competition. The player that sells the most product wins an additional prize.
  4. Finally, set a fundraising goal for your team. Tell your volunteers if they meet the goal, you will give them a pizza or ice cream party afterwards.

WE would love to answer your questions about raising money for your athletics and sports program. Contact us 1.800.645.6550.