Fundraiser Jobs...!!!

Fundraising jobs offering great opportunities--become a fundraising representative for a company with 40 years of experience. If you want to build a nice long term, extra-income producing, convenient and socially responsible career; then Tracy Hamilton may be your answer--become a fund raising rep for our organization. All you need to know is explained in one of our free request kits--get yours today, click here.

Jobs working from home as a fundraising rep helps your community and allows you the flexibility to make your own hours and put away money for yourself and your family. You can earn thousands, up to tens of thousands of dollars per year by working with local schools, leagues and community group leaders as a rep for our organization. We will train you, we will work with you and you will have the freedom to work from home

If you are involved local elementary schools, senior high schools, booster clubs, sports leagues or any other type of youth group then you can leverage those relationships and provide your clients with a wonderful way to earn money for their causes while also earning commissions for yourself. We provide high end catalogs, brochures and shopper programs. Our brochure fundraising catalogs provide your clients with literally hundreds of items.

Fundraiser Jobs--Earn up to 10% Commissions

  • PTA-PTO leaders
  • School administrators & teachers
  • Sports league directors
  • People with extensive sales experience
  • Career orientated people
  • Current sales reps / distributors who call on schools

If you are interested in a work at home career then please fill out an on-line questionnaire--click here. We will follow up with you after we receive it; thank you.

  • Work from home and call on local schools & groups
  • 100% risk-free opportunity
  • Help yourself and provide a worthwhile service in your community
  • Develop a long term and profitable career
  • Brochures and other material from a company with 40 years of experience

You can earn thousands, up to tens of thousands of dollars per year by offering our line of fundraising brochures to PTA leaders, band directors, athletic directors, scholastic groups, youth sports leagues and other non-profit youth groups in your community. If you have ties and contacts with school and youth groups leaders, etc. or if you have sales experience then our program might just be for you. You can build a profitable, convenient and long-term work at home career with a service-orientated national brochure fundraising supplier that has been in business since 1965.

If you’ve seen the kids with gift-wrap, gift or cookie dough brochures in your own home or in the neighborhood then you know what we do…and now you can profit from it.

Fundraiser Jobs for Work at Home Moms

Tracy Hamilton Inc., through our web site, offers community-minded and sales orientated individuals the opportunity to earn money at home by offering our line of fundraising brochures to local schools, leagues and other non-profit youth groups. Our program is especially profitable for PTA officers, youth group directors, volunteers and those people involved in planning youth / sports events. Sign up and receive your "Career Kit" today.

Fund Raising Career Contact Information

If you would like to discuss our fund raising sales opportunities then pease contact us directly at 800.645.6550; thank you. Or if you prefer, please send email to:


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