27 Unique Kids Fundraising Ideas


27 unique kids fundraising ideas to raise money this year


We scoured the news for unique kids fundraising ideas from all over the country. So we hope these trigger an avalanche of ideas for your next few fundraisers for kids. 


You can use these ideas to help your own kids or to help kids in your community.  Some are fundraisers BY kids. Additionally, others are fundraisers FOR kids. 


But first…. 


Why should kids get involved with fundraising? 


Listen to what Betty A. Garger, a girl scout advocate has to say: 


“Children of any age need to learn that if they want something – a trip, uniforms, or even a prize – they need to work toward that goal. Unless a person or family is independently wealthy, and most are not, trips, events, and possessions need to be earned.” 


So think about that for a moment. In a world of entitlement… 


Kids fundraisers teach our children how to work hard and earn whatever they want in life! 


Furthermore, Betty continues, “Youths also learn how to set a goal. They need to decide how much they need or are willing to raise and develop a plan to reach those goals. This is essentially teaching children how to make a business” plan and execute it.” 


This is also a lesson in entrepreneurial thinking that isn’t taught in the school system. It is important because this is the thinking that builds businesses and jobs to help our country grow. 

Additional benefits for kids that raise money themselves


Furthermore, Betty adds, “Probably the greatest skill learned is communication. Young people and many adults hate asking for support. They get uncomfortable or flustered when speaking about their cause or what they are trying to accomplish. After a few patient customers, even the most awkward child can perfect a sales” pitch.” 


We live in a world where kids are addicted to their phones and tablets and have no social interactions with real people. So Fundraising helps kids become better equipped for living in the “real” world instead of the cyber world. 


Finally, Betty reminds us, “Any fundraiser involves collecting and handling money, whether cash, check or online payment. Learning to handle, count and budget money are necessary skills everyone needs regardless of the career and life you want.” 


Again, this isn’t taught in schools. Yet it is a requirement to be a functional adult in society today. 


In conclusion, Betty tells us, “The best part of any fundraiser is the feeling of accomplishment and success a child gets in the end. Nothing feels better than the satisfaction of a job well done.” 


All we can say is AMEN to that! 



So here are 27 kids fundraising ideas to try 


Mix and match these fun fundraisers for kids. 


Drone racing fundraiser for libraries 


How do you get kids back into the library to read books? Why not hold a drone racing fundraiser? One library has come up with this idea.  

Imagine an obstacle course for drones inside your local library!  


Why do this in the library? The Devon county council hopes to get young people into the library to learn about drones and how to fly. Furthermore they will introduce them to books that talk about drones. They can learn about 3-D printers and how they can print drones out and actually become engineers of the future. The fundraiser will help to keep their libraries open for kids of all ages. 


Pay what you want book sale.  


One library is having a “pay what you want book sale to help support the kids section at the library. You can buy new or gently used books, dvd’s and cd’s too. 


Scare crow festival 


scarecrow festival is being held by the southern Oregon historical society. While admission is free, you can also pay $15 to make a full sized scarecrow with all the materials included. You can either enter your scarecrow into a contest to win an award or to take it home with you. Finally, there will be apple bobbingpumpkin painting, and more much more. 


Community chef mystery challenge.  


Can you imagine getting a box of mystery ingredients and having to produce an entrée using everything in the box?  


So that is exactly what six local business teams will have to do and  compete to create the best tasting entrée. Furthermore, all funds go to support the local  child and family center. 


Photo contest 


The children in Valencia County are using their cameras in this latest kids fund raising idea. The photo contest is sponsored by the Rio communities optimist club. The name of the contest is “Valencia County through the eyes of Children”. The goal is to get the children to take photos featuring life in Valencia County. Ideas include sunsets, mountains, pets and also flowers too. Furthermore, the calendars will sell for seven dollars each. Finally, the proceeds will pay for kids activities like a Lego robotics camp as well as a children’s fair. Source: https://www.krqe.com/news/albuquerque-metro/valencia-county-calendar-projects-highlights-the-talent-of-local-kids/ 



Giving wall 


One congregation has adopted a “giving wall” to support youth projects for the kids in the church. How does it work?  


So walls are covered with envelopes and each has its own requested donation from one dollar up to $200. Additionally, inside the envelope they can read the information about the request and how it will help the youth project. Finally, members of the congregation can pick an envelope for a youth project they believe in and write a check to pay for it. 


The annual duck race sweep stake.  


Imagine taking a bunch of rubber duckies to a lake or pond. You can  have 10 rubber ducks that you name with fun names. Finally, people can sponsor the duck they think will win. 


Penny wars 


One Ravenna elementary school is supporting the salvation army i the annual shoes on my feet campaign. So how are they raising money?  


They are playing a game called Penny wars Each homeroom class has a glass jar where spare change is collected. Furthermore, the homeroom class with the most money raised wins a cupcake party.  So far over $850 has been raised. The parents at this PTA are very proud of their kids because of their hard work. Source: https://www.record-courier.com/news/20181213/ravenna-kids-wage-war-for-good-cause 



Hold a bike rally fundraiser.  


That is what Butler County is doing. They’re holding the inaugural Great American bike rally. They are hoping to raise money to give back to the cities of Hamilton and Fairfield.  


Additionally, the money will be used to help support the Joe Nuxhall miracle league fields in the boys and girls club of Hamilton. Furthermore, bikers will have five options to choose from. They range from a one mile loop up to a 20 mile loop. Finally, sponsorships are available from $100-$2500. Source: https://www.journal-news.com/news/like-biking-new-fundraising-option-will-help-kids-both-hamilton-and-fairfield/ADPXoBW7r5M0sXDh1vHWsL/ 


Raffle for free braces 

How does a $10-a-ticket raffle FOR BRACES SOUND? The Coeur dAlene schools set up a deal with a local dentist. They sell raffle tickets for $10. Not a bad deal for a $5,000 set of new braces!


So how did the school do? How does $7,000 profit sound to you? Source: https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2018/nov/02/tapping-offbeat-fun-for-school-dollars/ 



Spring pingpong drop 


So have you tried the spring pingpong drop?  


Your kids can sell balls for $5 a pop. Firstly, each ball has its own number on it. Secondly, a local business donates a crane. Thirdly, the principal drops the balls from 40 feet up. Finally, the closest and farthest ball wins a prize. This made $5,000 for one school. 


Halloween fun run 


The West Valley High School Seniors had a Halloween fun run. This 5k halloween themed run was at night in the dark! Additionally, each runner was dressed in costume.  


So how did this kids fundraiser turn out? How does $2,000 sound to you? 


Amazon Smile 


Have you ever heard of AmazonSmile? Imagine all the families at your school that shop on Amazon. Now what if everyone that buys  something earns a commission for your kids non profit group or PTA? 

Can you see how this would add up? Furthermore, send out a letter encouraging moms, dads, and grandparents to use smile.amazon.com when they go shopping. Finally, your kids program earns .5% all year long. 


Box tops 


Perhaps you remember collecting box tops from the cereal boxes when you were a kid. Well, General Mills still supports kids education this way. By 2010 they have paid out over 320 million dollars to participating schools. So if your kids eat cereal, then this is a no brainer. 





The St. JudeTrike-A-Thon is a fun service learning program for daycares and preschools that teaches trike and riding toy safety.  

 furthermore, at the same time you get to help the children of St. Jude hospitals. Finally, you can also do a local version of this idea for yourself. 



Cast for Cancer 

An 11 year old namedDaniel Golembiewskiwas inspired to create Cast for Cancer after attending a fundraiser to help for kids with heart disease.   

The event includes a fishing derby from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. for kids ages 14 or younger, and there is a $15 fee per child. The registration fee also includes a T-shirt, a pink bobber and pink bait, as well as food and drinks, and there will be prizes raffled off.  

Furthermore, children must have sponsors pledging money to participate in the event. Additionally, they will be trying to catch as many fish as they can! So how did it turn out? Over $6,500 has been pledged so far! Source: https://patch.com/new-jersey/brick/brick-boys-cast-cancer-fishing-derby-nets-funds-research 


Kickin’ It For Kids With Cancer Game.  


This women soccer team donates all the funds to help kids with cancer. They sell spirit tshirts and also host restaurant fundraisers with Quiznos and Zaxby’s.  

And finally, when patrons mention the fundraiser for the cancer foundation, a portion of the proceeds go to help.  Source: https://www.chattanoogan.com/2019/10/8/397577/Kickin–It-For-Kids-With-Cancer-Game.aspx 


k9 Dog Walk Event  

 Two girls wanted to help out the local police K-9 unit. Did you know police dogs sniffing out drugs can get sick from them too? These young ladies wanted to raise money to pay for the $75 overdose prevention kits for K-9s.  


So how did they do it?  


Firstly, they held a K-9 dog walk event. Secondly, the dog walk had raffles, vendor tables, dog snacks as well as the chance to meet the Police K-9 unit’s dogs and see them perform in a demonstration. Thirdly, they invite people to bring their dogs and dress them up. Finally, there was also dress up photo booth to take a picture of your dog with a super hero cape on it! Dog owners can also buy dog capes to take home. 


Finally, there is dog art! Imagine a unique piece of art work painted with your dogs paws! Then taka great photo of your dog and his artwork! Over $6,000 was raised to help these police dogs this way. Source: https://patch.com/new-jersey/brick/brick-girls-kids-k9s-dog-walk-raises-funds-police-dogs 


COTA fundraiser 


American Legion Post 493 in Little Egg Harbor, N.J. hosts an annual fundraiser for the Childrens Organ Transplant Association (COTA).  Through the years they have raised $400,000 for COTA. There will be 12 bands playing and plenty of family-friendly activities.  

 Furthermore, there will be a pirate ship, petting zoo, pumpkin decorating and more.  Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for kids, and free for kids under 5 years old.  

Source: https://www.legion.org/youth/247351/new-jersey-post-493-hosting-annual-cota-fundraiser 


Beards for Bucks.  


This is an annual event held by the Childrens Advocacy Centers in New Hampshire.  The CAC is a program of Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern MaineThe police departments in York County have enjoyed growing beards to help kids.  

What about the female officers? They get to wear blue nail polish and blue streaked hair! In the last 3 years they raised a total of $14,795This years goal is $5,000. 

Source: https://www.journaltribune.com/articles/front-page/beards-raise-awareness-for-child-advocacy-center/ 


Coop’s Catch for Kids 


This is fishing tournament to benefit pediatric cancer research.  The event was a success even before one fish was caught 


This yearevent brought in almost $200,000! Over the last 4 years they have raised almost $500,000. Fishing tournaments are great because everyone can participate and have fun. Source: https://www.tampabay.com/sports/lightning/2019/10/01/lightning-fundraiser-coops-catch-for-kids-raises-nearly-200000/ 


Gift A Dream Night.  


Rooey has autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and Bean Boy was born with spina bifida. These two brothers have their own popular youtube channel. Art has helped these two young boys enjoy their life more despite their special needs. This fundraiser was designed to help other young children with similar challenges.  

 Dozens of community members and neighbors supported it. They  brought a ton of art supplies to be shared with other children with special needs. It all started with a restaurant fundraiser. They alsoincluded raffles and visits from princesses and superheroes to make it fun for everyone.  Source: https://www.orangeobserver.com/photo-gallery/go-go-dreamers-hold-fundraiser-for-arts-program 


Hold an old fashioned cakewalk. 


Numbered squares are placed in a circle on the floor, and people pay a small fee to participate. additionally, music is played, then the music suddenly stops with each person landing on a square. Furthermore, a number is next pulled from a hat.” Finally, the person standing on the matching number wins a cake! 

Source: https://www.tampabay.com/news/pasco/2019/09/16/from-italian-creme-cake-to-crowdfunding-school-fundraisers-still-help-kids/ 



Hoop Shoot.  


The Elks lodge organization likes to contribute to the school clinic in Cripple Creek.  


During this competition kids go up against each other in a basketball shooting competition. additionlly, the winner goes on to compete in an other area of the country. And finally, they raised two thousand dollars to provide medical aid to local children.  Source: https://www.mountainjackpot.com/2019/10/10/elks-lodge-plays-important-role-in-giving-back-to-the-community/ 


Throw a fall festival.  


One PTA does this every year. There will be games for kids, including a fish pond, darts, pumpkin toss, pumpkin carving contest, costume contest, and plinko, with a cake walk and a choose-your-prize raffle for grown-ups. Lots of yummy kid-friendly snacks like snow cones, cotton candy and caramel apples will be available.  


Additionally, there will be silent auctions and raffles too.  Source: https://www.tetonvalleynews.net/news/time-for-super-fun-fall-festivals/article_82f98dbb-de5f-53c8-9fd8-1e20be076db9.html 


Poker tournament.  


The International Longshore and Warehouse Union will host its eighth annual fundraiser for the Alexs Lemonade Stand Foundation, a charity that raises money for pediatric cancer research.  


They found that holding a poker tournament every year is an effective way to raise money for this charity. This may not be for everyone., However, it raises about$2500 for kids cancer research.  Source: https://www.randomlengthsnews.com/2019/09/30/ilwu-fundraiser-for-pediatric-cancer-research/ 



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In conclusion, does the idea of selling delicious food and earning a profit appeal to you? 


So how about a fundraiser system that all you have to do is follow the steps and make money? Furthermore, does the idea of earning 50% profit on every sale appeal to you ? 


So why not check out these additional kids fundraising ideas here?