back to school fundraising

Back To School Fundraising

Back To School Fundraising Ideas For Elementary Schools

The new school year will be here before you know it AND Summer vacation will go by very quickly!

That’s why it’s important to start thinking about back to school fundraising ideas right now. In this article we will share some helpful ways to raise money this September for the new school year.

So why organize a back-to-school fundraising campaign?

There are usually two good reasons for holding a back to school fundraiser. 

  1. Either your school class, club or sports team needs to raise money to offset budget cuts,
  2. Or perhaps there are children in your school that can’t afford to buy school supplies for themselves. Because of this, some schools organize a fundraiser so that all students have the school supplies they need.

We hope the ideas, suggestions and tips in this article will be helpful to you. We believe these fundraising events can make a difference.

Easy back-to-school supply fundraisers

raise money for the new school yearWe have an amazingly successful school fundraising program to help your students raise money for back to school supplies this year.

Furthermore, these fundraising catalogs can help you raise money for school programs, clubs and teams too.

For instance, elementary schools just like yours are earning up to 50% profit on every sale selling cool items like these:

Can you see how selling fun items that people like to eat and buy for themselves could help your school raise money for school supplies?

Back to school fundraising letter

parent fundraising letterAre you looking for a back to school fundraising letter?

We can help. Furthermore, we will custom design a back to school fundraising flyer that you can send home with all of your students.

Do you want a DIY fundraising letter?

So here are some tips to help you design the best back to school fundraiser letter for yourself.

  • Firstly, tell your story. Why are you holding a fundraiser for your school? Your parents want to know the answer to this question. Help make it easy for them to support your school fund raising campaign. 
  • Secondly, come up with catchy back to school fundraiser slogans. You can brainstorm ways with your PTA. The right Back to school fund raiser names can help your student’s families get behind your fundraising campaign.
  • Thirdly, hold a contest for the best school fund raising flyer design and award a prize to the winner.
  • Finally, remember to use social media, email and texting to get your message out there too! These are great online fundraising tools to also ask for a matching gift while peer to peer fundraising. Don’t forget about talking to people face to face too!

Fun back to school fundraising ideas for elementary schools!

Here are 3 fun ways to get your students excited to raise money for the new school year.

Hold a Back to school bash fundraiser!

Who doesn’t love a party? Make it a pizza party or an ice cream sundae party! Use this as an incentive for your class if they hit a fund raising goal. This works well with the following school fund raisers:

  • Try this with any of our food fundraisers or gift fundraisers.
  • Spare change fundraisers. Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters add up real quickly when everyone in the class gets involved.
  • Hold a school walk-a-thon and have each student get their own sponsors. Here is a great school walk-a-thon fundraiser case study you can learn from.

The lesson for your school? Make your back to school fundraisers fun by incentivizing them! By the way, all of our fundraising catalogs come with a free prize incentive program. This is great because the more the students sell the better the prizes they can earn.

Back to school backpack fundraiser

There are many businesses in your community that would be happy to help you collect backpacks or knapsacks for your students. Many business owners come from low income families. They understand what it feels like to go to school without a backpack while everyone else has one. Ask them to help you. To get an idea of how you might be able to do this, you can read this case study about a successful back to school backpack fundraising idea.

Back to school night fundraiser

This could be a lot of fun for elementary school kids. For example, you can do a movie night at school where the kids wear their pajamas and eat snacks. Make sure to pick a popular kids movie.

This can also be tied in with a parents night out fundraiser. Parents can pay a fee for the school to babysit their kids while they have a romantic date night out alone.

Others have had success with sleep over fundraisers. Make sure you have plenty of adult supervision.

Are you ready to start planning your back to school fund raiser?

In conclusion, we want to help you succeed! Our 50 years of school fundraising experience is just waiting for you to TAP INTO!

All it takes is for you to pick up the phone and talk to a school fundraising expert. The call is free and can help answer all of your questions.

Summer will be over soon. September will be here before you know it. So, why not order your free back to school fundraising kit now? Even better, just pick up the phone and lets chat.

And finally, let’s see how we can help you make this school year’s fundraiser experience the best one ever!