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Basketball fundraising ideas in NY – Teacher Vs. Teacher

Try these Basketball fundraiser ideas from New York

Just suppose your high school teachers challenged teachers from a rival high school to a basketball game. That is exactly what the faculty at Glens Falls high school did with these basketball fundraising ideas in NY.

Do you think that would get the old high school spirit all riled up in your school?

Of course they would!

However, you might be wondering…

Why try these basketball fundraising ideas?

Why did they run this high school fundraiser from NY?

If you were thinking it was to help the basketball team you would be wrong.

It turns out, the dance planning committee for the school prom works very hard for the students. One business teacher Robert Amberger wanted to show his appreciation for all of their hard work, so he contacted the dance planning committee and they loved the idea of a teachers basketball game.

The next step was to contact the school faculty at South Glens Falls high school to see if they would like participate. The idea of teachers from two competing schools playing basketball caught on very quickly. Both player rosters filled right away.

Hence these school prom fundraising ideas were born.

How do these basketball fundraising ideas from NY work?

First of all, they set a date and a time for the big game.

How much did they charge? Believe it or not, they made it free to the public.

You might be wondering then, how will they raise money for the prom? The answer might surprise you.

  • Firstly, everyone will have the opportunity to donate directly to support the prom.
  • Secondly, there will be raffle tickets for people to buy.
  • Thirdly, they will be selling refreshments.
  • And finally, all money raised will go directly to the dance.

Their goal is that this will be such a fun fundraiser it will become an annual tradition.

By the way, the students will call the game and keep score.

What can you learn from this school basketball fundraiser idea?

Take advantage of school rivalries.

These teachers knew that the competitive spirit would cause this to be a successful prom fundraiser.

Think of how you could use the principle of rivalry in competition.

  • You could do one school against another.
  • Try students against teachers.
  • You can also do boys against girls.
  • Or one class against another class

Secondly, keep an open mind.

Normally, you might assume that a basketball fundraiser might be used to raise money for the basketball team. Instead, these teachers were helping the prom committee.

The Lesson for your school?

When you work together as a school, multiply your efforts and abilities to raise money together for a good cause.

Finally, look for additional ways to raise money for your basketball team or prom. One great way to do this is by selling cookie dough, selling gourmet popcorn, coffee or gift wrap this holiday season.

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