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Christmas Holiday Fundraising Catalog

Candle Fundraising – Holiday Collection


Six deliciously scented holiday candles with matching theme wrappers in this popular candle fundraiser

  • Only $12 retail – Candles are priced to sell quickly.
  • 40% High profit for your school or organization.
  • Each candle is a full net 8 ounces in a grannie jar instead of a tin.
  • Free shipping – minimum order only 150 units.
  • No up front costs.
  • Free full color candle brochures.
  • Six delicious scents you will love.
  • Hand poured in the USA.
  • Long burn time!
  • Read full details when you download brochure to the left.

Holiday Collection Highlights — High Profit With This Fundraiser Candle Program!

  • Delicious assorted scents for the Christmas and Holiday season
  • High Profits – 40% across the board
  • Amazing Prize Program or 2% Cash back – So, which do you prefer?
  • Free Shipping – For all total retails sales above 150 units
  • Hand Poured in the USA – You just cannot beat “Made in America”
  • Free Parent Letters – Get them either in English or Spanish (if necessary)
  • Finally, you get free expert coaching. Because we want you to succeed.
  • Find a candle fundraiser near me

How does our candles catalog fundraiser work?

If you have never run a candle fundraiser before then you’re going to love this program. Here are the following steps to help you to succeed raising money selling scented candles for your nonprofit organization or school. It is easy to sell and these Christmas fundraisers make perfect gifts for anyone on your list.
The following ideas are sure to help your organization sell more candles.
  • Call and speak to either Joe or Chris. Tell them that you want to raise money with a scented candle fundraiser.
  • Fundraising zone will mail out your Heritage candle fundraiser brochures to you. Be sure to tell us how many volunteers you will have selling for you.
  • Next schedule a training session on how do use the brochures. Joe and Chris will teach you how to train your volunteers to sell candles.
  • Select a start day and end date for your candle fundraiser event. This is perfect for a winter or holiday event. Typically it’s good to give yourself two weeks for your supporters to sell the candles.
  • Advertise your event on social media sites. Remember to tell your supporters why you are raising money. Give them the information they need to want to support your school or organization.
  • Additionally it is important to use email, texting, phone calls and zoom. These tools allow you to make it a virtual candle fundraiser during this COVID-19 pandemic, Yes—Virtual fundraising at its best!

Candle Fundraisers

  • Here is another school fundraising idea. Make a list of all of your fans, supporters, volunteers and former donors to contact with your candle catalogs.
  • Simply show the candle brochure to your potential donors. Allow them to pick the candle fragrances they like best.
  • Call payment upfront for all merchandise purchased. This way you have no money out of pocket expenses.
  • Afterwards, tally up all of the number of candles sold using the order sheets provided in each catalog.
  • Pay for your order.
  • Fundraising Zone will next mail your candle fundraising items to you.
  • When you receive delivery check the contents to make sure it matches your candle order.
  • Deliver your candles to your customers.
  • Finally, enjoy your profits.

Candle fundraising ideas for schools

Here are a few ideas to help you sell more candles this year.
  • Have you sold candy, Auntie Annes or Poppin Popcorn in the past? Have you tried dough fundraising before? Take your past customer list and contact them first. Remember if they supported you in the past — they like you already!
  • Collect photos and videos of happy customers enjoying their new candles.
  • Post all of these upon social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Talk to your candle fundraising volunteers about the prizes and items they can win using the prize incentive program.
  • Set a reasonable candle fundraisers goal for your group. Don’t make it too high because you may be discouraged if you don’t reach it. Yet make it high enough to get your group excited. Offer to have a pizza party if your volunteers meet the goal for candles sold.
  • Be open to having a sales contest to reward your top seller of your fundraising program!
  • Review what is working for your sales team. Then have training sessions to practice the pitch they have learned.
  • Remember to send cards to your donors and thank them for their donation for the candles they purchased.
  • Keep a good record of all of your donors. Start a newsletter and reach out to them several times a year so that you keep your name and cause in the mind.
  • Rinse and repeat your candle fundraiser next year!

Commonly asked questions about selling candles for your next fundraiser

  • How much profit can we earn? 40% on all candles sold. That means you earn $4.80 per candle sold.
  • Are these soy candles? No
  • Are the wicks made of lead? No. They are made of zinc, the industry standard for leadfree wicks.
  • Is it expensive to get started? You have no costs to begin. FZ mails you the catalogs at no cost to you. Simply pay for the candles you buy from the money you collect from your customers purchases.
  • There are many candle fundraising companies on the web like Pure Integrity and La Tee Da. Why should we pick Fundraising Zone? We have been helping nonprofits raise money for 50 years, Additionally, we have teamed up with Heritage Candle company. They are renowned for their Earth candles, Faith Candles and Wax Melt.
  • How does this compare to Yankee candle Fundraising? Yankee Candle no longer supports a funder raiser program. However, you will find this candle  program also provides a high quality candle with the profit margins you are looking for.
  • Do these make good church fundraising ideas? Yes. Churches have had a lot of success selling our granny jar candles.
  • Does this work for a football or baseball fundraiser? Yes! Every sport team can sell candles for the holidays. We find they work well as a winter holiday fundraiser.