Ultimate Coffee Collection – Coffee Fundraisers

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Finally, the best coffee fundraisers for small groups just like yours.

Coffee Fundraisers

Featuring “Wicked Awesome” Single Serve & 11 Oz. Bags – a Coffee fundraiser is the best..!

  • Wickedly Awesome Good Morning
  • Wicked Awesome Vanilla & Hazelnut
  • Wicked Awesome Donut Shop Blend
  • Wickedly Caramelized
  • Wickedly Dark
  • Wicked Choc. Brownie Toffee Crunch
  • French Vanilla (Bag)
  • Hazelnut Cream (Bag)
  • Jamaican Me Crazy (Bag)
  • Breakfast Blend (Bag)
  • Donut Shop Blend (Bag)
  • Donut Shop Decaf (Bag)
  • French Roast
  • Vanilla Hazelnut
  • And finally, our ever popular coffee Sampler

Ultimate Coffee Collection Top Sellers – Coffee Fundraisers

Coffee Fundraising Top Sellers
Coffee Fundraising Top Sellers
Coffee Fundraiser Top Sellers

Detailed Information for “The Ultimate Coffee Collection” Coffee Fundraiser

Brand New! Raise funds for your high school group, daycare center, cheerleader squad, booster club, church youth group or any other youth group – coffee is the answer.  And your profit is 40% across the board.  Coffee is consumed my tens of millions of people every day – so it is sure to be a success for your fundraising group.  Fundraising using coffee is a great way to raise funds for your fundraising group.  And you have “no worries” about high minimums and low profits – because you get 40% profits on all sales.  Furthermore, a coffee fundraiser works particularly well for small to medium sized fundraising groups.  So, if you are looking for a coffee fundraiser please call us at 800-645-6550.

Coffee is a commodity that most people drink on a daily basis – so you will be able to sell it.  And, to beat that, this coffee is amazingly delicious -we’ve tested it here at headquarters.  In working with us, please read our best practices section because you can find important tips about fundraising here.  Again, coffee fundraisers are a profitable solution to help you raise funds for your non-profit group.  Also, please request a free fundraising kit for your group.

40% Profit on all Sales

The Ultimate Coffee Collection Fundraising Highlights:

  • Tasty and delicious coffee at a reasonable price
  • Low minimum – 50 units
  • 15 delicious choices because everyone has a different taste!
  • High Profits – 40% across the board…!
  • Great for small to medium sized non-profit groups too!
  • Sell more product because of our affordable selling prices!
  • And finally it is easy to sell!