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Warm, slice and enjoy..!

Product Information for our Colossal Giant Sized 12” Cookies and Brownies

  • Great tag brochure to our cookie dough brochures
  • Sell as is – great for small groups
  • Low retail – only $12.00 per giant cookie
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie 12” and weighs 12 ounces
  • Chocolate Brownie 12” and weighs 12 ounces
  • Just “Warm and Serve”
  • FREE merchandise with each order

Colossal Cookie Dough Fundraising Top Sellers

Colossal Cookie and Brownie Brochure Fundraising – How and Why it Works

Introducing our brand new Colossal chocolate chip cookie and brownie brochure for school groups, church youth group mission trips, gymnastics teams and events and a host of other non-profit youth groups that are looking to raise funds for their event, cause or trip.

The Colossal cookie and brownie brochure is new and has already tested well in many parts of the county.  I have to be really honest here, these 12” delights are absolutely delicious.   We have been eating them here at the office – we are thinking of renting a cow so we can have a constant supply of milk – lol.  It is hard to find people who don’t like the convenience of warming up huge chocolate chip cookie or a nice oversized brownie – sign up to run one and you will find out for yourself.

Our Colossal brochure is well suited for small to medium sized groups or organizations to sell form “as is” or as a tag on brochure to our choices of cookie dough.

Cookie Dough Profit Chart
No. of PiecesProfit Percentage
Over 200050%

What you get when you run a Colossal Cookie & Brownie Fundraiser: Highlights

  • High Profits – up to 50%
  • Free prize program to get the younger kids motivated
  • Free Carry Bags — a great convenience
  • You “do not” have to order by the piece
  • Free cookies with every order
  • Order delivery has a window and you get to choose when you want your product delivered.  (This is not guaranteed, but we try our best.)