Holiday Impressions

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Holiday Impressions Fundraising Brochure

Holiday Impressions Fundraising Ideas

Highlight Item Information For Our Holiday Impressions Gift Wrap Fundraising Brochure

  • “Homemade Treats Snowman Foil Containers” – set of 12
  • “Run-Run Rudolph” gift wrap
  • Set of Six Ribbon Spool
  • Silicone “Push Pops” for the kids..!
  • Live – Laugh – Love Photo Frame
  • Set of 5 nesting bowls
  • Non-stick grill mat
  • Sweet cinnamon monkey bread mix – Certainly a great way to make memories with your kids.
  • Chocolate Delights – yummy!
  • Over 20 varieties of gift wrap – because your friends and family need to buy gift wrap!

Holiday Impressions Top Sellers

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Detailed Information for Holiday Impressions Gift Wrap Catalog:

Brand New!  This completed updated Holiday Impressions gift wrap fundraiser brochure is booking great already – and the profits will pour in because this is a proven winning program.  This is because our catalog offers a nice variety of gift wrap, useful household items, yummy chocolates, cooking items and other products for your home and the holiday season.  And, you can sell online via email to boost sales as much as 25-50%, no added expense.  All types of schools and other “not for profit” groups use our Holiday Collection brochure and earn a lot of money – so, you can too!

Furthermore, some of the clubs that raise funds successfully using our gift catalog include Cheerleading Squads, Dance Teams, Preschools, High School clubs and Elementary Schools and many other non-profit youth groups. Similarly, we believe it will work for you too. For the reason, we invite you to call us so we can show you how the Holiday Collection Catalog can work for you.

Holiday Impressions Profit Chart
Total Retail Sale Profit Percentage
Up to $2,500 40%
$2,501-$5,000 45%
Over $5,000 50%

Holiday Impressions Fundraising Highlights

  • 25 beautiful choices of gifts wrap – because people like having choices, right?
  • Sell online – So you can make tons of extra money!
  • Sell traditionally and online – because it’s the way to do it..! 
  • Great prize program – Free..! As a result, you will make more money!
  • High profits for your school or group – up to 50% – because you deserve it!