Winter Wonderland Gift Fundraising Catalog

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Winter Wonderland Fundraising Catalog

Highlight Items for “Winter Wonderland” Gift Brochure

  • Plaid reversible wrap
  • Lumberjack candle
  • Tree farm travel mugs
  • Vintage Christmas wrap – 44 Sq. Feet
  • Set of 12 treat / gift boxes
  • Chip and snack clip container
  • “I love you to the moon and Back” pillow
  • Set of five coloring books – very cool designs
  • Peanut butter cups
  • Cashew backs…and much more…!

Winter Wonderland Top Sellers

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Detailed Information For Winter Wonderland Gift Catalog

Brand New!  Our updated Winter Wonderland fundraising brochure is a true winner – and it is so easy to manage.  It is because it offers a wonderful variety of holiday items, kitchen products, delicious chocolates, gift wrap and other products for the home and holidays..!  Even better – you can sell online and via social media and earn even more money..!  In fact, many schools and other non-profit groups use our Winter Wonderland brochure successfully.  As a result, some of the clubs that raise funds successfully using our gift catalog include Booster Clubs, Cheerleader Fundraisers, Dance Team Fundraising, Sports Teams and Elementary Schools among many others. Likewise, we believe it can work for you too.

Our Christmas fundraising brochure titled Winter Wonderland is one of our most successful Christmas catalogs and has been for many years.  It has over 150 item priced as low as $7.00 each.  This Christmas catalog is filled with the items that will sell through for your dance team, high school, booster or whatever non-profit youth group you have.

Winter Wonderland Profit Chart
Total Retail Sale Profit Percentage
Up to $2,500 40%
$2,501-$5,000 45%
Over $5,000 50%

Brochure Fundraising Highlights

  • Sell Online  Send emails to family and friends – easy way to also increase sales.
  • High Profits – Up to 55% or more – hence your group can make the most money!
  • Amazing Prize Program or 2% Cash back – So, which do you prefer?
  • Free Sorting – We sort to “your” specifications – in addition you get a free recap too.
  • Free Shipping – For all sales over $2,500 so you get save money.
  • Gift Wrap – gift wrap, candy, chocolates, household items and more – as a result, you now have something for everyone.
  • Free Parent Letters – Get them either in English or Spanish (if necessary)
  • Finally, you get free expert coaching. Because we want you to succeed.