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Food Fundraiser Ideas that Help Schools and Non-Profit Groups

Searching for food fundraising ideas? Let’s be honest. Raising money can be boring and monotonous. And coming up with fresh ideas to keep people satisfied can be quite a task. However, when you think of the most successful fundraisers you’ve personally engaged in, what stands out the most? Delicious tasting food…!

Let’s face it … eating is FUN! The gratification is instant and lasting. Perhaps it was sweet, salty or spicy. Just thinking about it makes your mouth water, doesn’t it? Simply put, find a hungry crowd, and you will raise money for your school, church or organization.

So where can you find easy fundraisers that offer sweet rewards for your potential sponsors and your organization? hosts a series of food fundraisers that are some of our top sellers for groups of all sizes. However, before deciding on which brochure works best for you, there are a few important tasks you should complete to make sure your event will be a success.

As the host, ask yourself these questions before selecting the right food fundraiser for your school, church, sports team or local charity.

Are there easy food money makers for your school to run?

First of all, you must choose an easy program if you want to succeed. After all, it can be very stressful trying a unique event that you haven’t tried before.

New fundraisers can be intimidating, can’t they? Furthermore, not all of your peers, PTA parents, and booster club members are open minded. Do you know what we mean?

And finally, nobody wants to make a mistake and pick the wrong, only to look foolish or be rejected.

The truth is, this is exactly how many of our happy clients felt at first. However, they were thrilled with the results because of how easy our fund raiser events work.

Furthermore, because of how much money they made, they looked really good in the eyes of their peers!

So please read some of the success stories for yourself.

What are some good fundraising ideas with food?

Here are some school events that are great for raising funds. By the way they also make great  charity fundraising ideas for cancer or breast cancer too. We suggest you look for additional ways to tie these in to the holidays like a birthday, Halloween, Mother’s day, Valentines day and Christmas too.

Remember to advertise your venue. Start spreading the message about youth event as soon as possible. Look for ways to be selling online by putting your food catalog and your menu on your fundraising website or Facebook page.

Additionally, use social media, Google Youtube videos, Facebook live videos, Pinterest pins and email as you will need to get the message out about your food fundraising event. Share the big event with everyone at your school, work, university or campus.

These online fund raising tips can make a difference.

food ideas for fundraising

Bake sales— Who can resist home made baked goodies?

Ask moms and dads to donate baked goods like cakes, cookies, brownies, pies, cupcakes and muffins. The more variety of desserts you offer, the better. 

Additionally, it might be good to have some vegan or gluten free options for those who are health conscious. 

And finally, make sure to have plenty of coffee on hand to wash down those baked goodies and desserts!

Restaurant dinners— How to throw a party at a restaurant that raises money?

Make a deal with a local restaurant in your neighborhood. Ask the restaurant owner if they would pay you a percentage of sales on all the business you bring them on the slowest night of the week. Tuesday night works really well with this program.

Looking for a unique spin? Think about the many food cultures in your community. Chinese food, Japanese food, Mexican food, Soul food and Italian food. You get the picture. The only limit to the endless variety of cuisine options is your imagination. So support your local restaurants, eat some food and have some fun by making it a party!

Take plenty of photos and put them up on Instagram.

By the way a variation of this would be to make a deal with a local food truck to come by your school, work or office and take a cut of the proceeds.

Pancake breakfasts— How can you raise money with breakfast?

You can do this yourself or team up with your favorite restaurant. Make sure you have everything your customers would want including pancakes, waffles, ham, sausage, eggs, coffee and plenty of syrup too.

Spaghetti dinners— How to raise funds eating classic Italian favorites?

This works great for either a sports team or a church fundraiser.

You can charge an admission fee by selling tickets in advance. Use the funds raised to pay for your event. Make a menu that lists everything you will have. Some dinner menus include appetizers, meatballs, sausage, Italian bread, salad and plenty of spaghetti sauce.

Finally, think of a good old-fashioned Italian dessert like tiramisu.

Barbecues— How to raise cash with shrimp on the barbie?

This is a great summer event. It is also a great  idea to add to a carnival, festival or fair. The smell of the burgers on the grill will draw people for miles around!


What can you have on your menu? Popular BBQ favorites include chicken wings, ribs, shrimp, hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled sausages, and grilled vegetables. Remember to have plenty of condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and barbecue sauce.

Finally, you can offer cans of soda, lemonade, iced tea and bottled water for sale top go with their burger or hot dog.

You can also sell raffle tickets or auction off a new grill to raise extra money.

As a variation you can also make it a barbeque tournament to see who has the best wings or BBQ sauce!

Chili competition— Who makes the best chili?

A chili cook off is always a favorite and makes a great fall event too.

The more options you offer, the more palates you will please. This includes offering chicken chili, turkey chili, deer chili and vegetable chili. Remember, not everyone can handle spicy food. So offer a variety of chili pepper sauces from mild, medium, hot and extra spicy. Keep plenty of bottled water on hand to put the fire out! Finally, please arrange for a fun theme for your barbecue or have games to keep everyone involved.

Cooking classes— Who else wants to learn how to cook like Rachel Ray?

This can be a great way to raise money for your non-profit organization, charity or cause.

Team up with a local chef or even watch an episode of your favorite cooking show on TV together. Charge an entry fee for everyone to participate in the cooking class that covers the cost of the food ingredients, spices, bowls, utensils etc. You can use a local school economics classroom or rent out a local restaurant and use their ovens.

Sell cookbooks— How to get paid to preserve favorite family recipes?

This is certainly food related. You can have everyone donate their cherished family recipe to make it special.

Additionally, you can theme your cookbook. For instance, it can be a cookbook on how to add chocolate to make any “traditional” dinner taste fun and exciting.

Others have had success with making it a local celebrity cook book. The best cook books include plenty of comfort food recipes. Finally, you could even sell the ingredients on your amazon fundraising page!

Potluck party— How to have fun raising funds with a simple covered dish?

Traditionally this has been a Sunday favorite at many churches. So why not think about a potluck dinner for your school, charity or organization?

Everyone gets to bring their favorite appetizer, dessert and main entree. It is a good way to meet your neighbors and raise money for your good cause at the same time. It is also a great way to find out who the best cooks are in your community!

Why sell food people buy every week?

Our brochures  and catalogs sell fun things to eat like cookie dough, gourmet popcorn, trail mix, and cinnamon rolls too. Your youth group earns up to a 52% profit on every sale.

HINT: Cookie dough fundraising can be very popular! However, we have healthy food options too!

How do you know which event is right for you? After all,you want to succeed don’t you?

What Kind Of  Food Should You Sell?– See what People Want!

What do the people in your community want? What’s missing from everyone’s everyday repertoire when it comes to the snack stash?

You don’t even have to go far to run your test. The various people in your organization represent the larger community you live in, so host a survey and ask everyone to vote on which of our catalog brochures would be best to run. There’s no need to schedule a special meeting for it or go out of your way to make it happen.

The next time everyone’s gathered together, just ask by a show of hands which kinds of food, treats and snacks they like the best and which ones they think the community will like the best. That will get you well on your way to the next phases of planning and executing an easy campaign with plenty of delicious food to eat!.

If you know it is going to be a hit, you might also consider creating a cookbook to sell.

What Are The Most Profitable Food Programs?

How does earning up to a 50% profit on every item you sell sound to you?

  • No cooking required.
  • No dirty dishes to wash.
  • You won’t even have to go to the store to buy any ingredients.

How does it work?

What Can Do to Help — plus our Programs are 100% Risk Free!

Our company has been providing the best food fundraisers in the market for over 50 years now, and we don’t fall short when it comes to flavor options. From gourmet cheeses, meats, soups, and dips, to the best in both health and comfort snacks, we’ve got you all covered.

Some of our top sellers include:

Gourmet Goodness 2019 12

Gourmet Goodness Brochure

One of our top sellers, especially around the colder months as the holiday seasons are approaching. We believe it’s because it has some of the best and tastiest options available for sharing with loved ones, including:

  • Fantastic cheese spreads in bacon cheddar, jalapeño cheddar, horseradish cheddar, sharp cheddar, and garlic cheese.
  • Delicious sausage in jalapeño and traditional beef flavors.
  • Comforting soups like taco soup, tortilla soup, Louisiana gumbo, french onion, and more.
  • Finally, vegetable and chip dips in BLT, dill, and cool cucumber flavors to name a few.

This option comes complete with delicious pies and cookie flavors, chocolate snacks of all kinds. We also have some of your favorite snacks from when you were a kid like gummy bears, orange slices, and sour gummy worms. Everyone and anyone can take something from this brochure.

Indulge your Healthy Side

Smart Healthy Snacks Brochure

This brochure was designed with school health regulations in mind. They are snacks that aren’t crazy high in sugar, sodium, but are high in nature.

This is the perfect fundraiser for states that are generally warmer, and perfect for spring and summer when temperatures are higher. There are no meltable products which means no chocolate, no gummies, and no mess. This is a healthier option instead of giving candy to our kids.

Some of the healthy highlights include:

  • Hawaiian Delight: dried bananas, papayas, coconut, and raisins make for a naturally sweet tropical treat in this tasty mix.
  • Mom’s Apple Pie Mix: honey cinnamon peanuts, walnut pieces, raisins and dried apple pieces that put you in the mind of apple pie without all the extra calories. It’s delicious, too!
  • Salsa Mix: salsa peanuts, taco sesame sticks, toasted corn kernels, cheddar sesame sticks, pepitas and mini sesame chips make for a yummy healthy treat for kids and adults.
  • Finally, the Classics: honey roasted peanuts, hot and spicy peanuts, mixed nuts, and roasted and salted almonds are the basics that are all covered here as well.

snackin in usa brochure

Snackin’ in the USA Brochure

Snacks on snacks on snacks! Finally, this brochure is perfect for anyone interested in your favorite All-American classics. By that I mean carnival snacks, circus snacks, movie snacks, and bowling alley snacks.

Anywhere we have loved passing the time and needed that accompanying treat with us, it’s all here.

This is a best seller every year because it includes the snacks America loves to eat.

  • Butter toffee peanuts
  • Chocolate nonpareils
  • Caramel cremes
  • Chocolate covered raisins
  • Honey roasted peanuts
  • Gummy bears
  • Finally, mouth watering malted milk balls

In conclusion, has been in the business of providing easy, risk-free fundraising options to schools and organizations all over America for over half a century.

Additionally, we are so proud of what we do that we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our process and product. You will never lose out on time or money with us, and we make everything simple for your organization to execute your fundraiser and meet your goals.

In conclusion, we ask that you please contact us at 800.645.6550. as soon as possible so we can help you get on the right track.

We can’t wait to hear from you! We have lots of ideas for food fundraising ideas to share!  

Finally, if you need information on healthy things to eat we suggest you visit this site.