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Popcorn Fundraiser Resource Guide for: Schools, Cheerleaders, Boosters and Non-Profit Youth Groups

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Why choose popcorn fundraisers for your school or team?

Little girl glancing over a bucket of pocorn sold from her schools popcorn fundraisers.

Why should you hold a popcorn fundraiser event? Actually the answer is quite simple.

Popcorn fundraisers work exceptionally well. Your school or sports team can raise thousands of dollars by putting in the effort with following suggestions.

Want proof?

Boy Scouts have traditionally sold popcorn for decades. Why would they do this if it didn’t work? 


In this ultimate popcorn fundraisers article we will discuss:


So, do you know what favorite snack has been enjoyed over 5000 years? If you guessed popcorn you would be right!

For example, popcorn remnants have been found in Mexico that date back to around 3600 B.C.E.

You may also enjoy these other historical popcorn facts:

  • In the early 19th century, popping popcorn kernels on the stove top first became popular.
  • Furthermore, did you know that people ate popcorn as a breakfast cereal in the 1800’s by many Americans? It consisted of popcorn with milk and a sweetener.
  • In the 1890’s, the first popcorn maker was invented.
  • In the early 1900’s, popcorn makers were on street carts in many cities.
  • Additionally, were you aware that the first movie theater got a popcorn machine in its lobby in 1938?
  • In 1981 General Mills got the first part look for a microwave popcorn bag.
  • Finally, today schools and youth groups have raised millions of dollars selling popcorn to their friends, family and neighbors. This is because it is such a popular snack.

Affordable Popcorn Fundraisers

boyscout fundraising tips

We already discussed the Boy Scouts success selling popcorn.

In fact, here are some great popcorn fundraising ideas borrowed from the Boy Scouts to help you sell even more popcorn.

But first, why should the Boy Scout popcorn fundraising program get you excited?

Here’s the good news for your school sports team. Did you know that the Scouts sell their popcorn for $20 or more Per serving?

Twenty dollars !

Who would imagine someone would be willing to pay $20 for one bag of popcorn? Yet, people do every year.

So, why is this good news for you?

Our gourmet popcorn fundraiser is only eight dollars. When compared to twenty dollars, an eight dollar popcorn fundraiser sounds like a deal, doesn’t it? A real bargain even!

In fact, this is even better than a $10 popcorn fundraiser, isn’t it? At only $8, you will find many of your family and friends will be happy to support your next popcorn fundraising event because it is so affordable.

Why is popcorn so popular?

So, how popular is popcorn as a snack?

Did you know that Americans eat about seven billion quarts of popcorn every year? Furthermore, the average American eats about 68 quarts of popcorn annually just by themselves. That comes out to 17 GALLONS of popcorn for every person!

As you can see, there is a huge demand for popcorn as a snack. Therefore, this is another great reason to sell popcorn at your next fundraiser

It tastes great.

What do you love most about popcorn?

  • The taste?
  • The flavor?
  • Or maybe the texture, perhaps?

You will love all three of these things in our popcorn pleasures fundraising brochure.

First of all, it comes in many different flavors. For instance, you can choose anything from sweet to salty to hot and spicy.

  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Corn

    Easy popcorn pleasures fundraising brochure

    popcorn pleasures

  • Gourmet Caramel Corn
  • Hokey Pokey with Chocolate
  • Spicy Chicago Style Popcorn
  • Original Hokey Pokey
  • Caramel Corn with Chocolate
  • Caramel Apple Corn
  • Chicago-Style Popcorn

You can simply sell this as a gourmet popcorn fundraiser and allow people to choose for themselves what their favorite flavors are.

Additionally, there may be a certain popcorn variety that is very popular in your area. For instance, you might consider selling this as a Chicago popcorn fundraiser. Or maybe a kettle corn fundraiser, if it is popular in your community.

Profitable – A popcorn fundraiser 50 profit

50 profit fundraisers

So how much gourmet popcorn fundraiser profit can you make?

For example, can you imagine earning up to a 50% profit on every bag of popcorn you sell?

This also means your school sports team can earn up to four dollars for every bag of popcorn that you sell. So, doesn’t it make sense to set a goal to sell the most popcorn as possible?

For instance, the Boy Scouts encourage you to set a goal of selling 40 bags per person. This may sound like a lot at first.

However, it can be broken down like this:

  • 10 bags for family members.
  • Additionally, you can sell 10 bags to your neighbors.
  • Furthermore, Mom can sell 10 bags at her place of work.
  • Finally, Dad can sell 10 bags to people at his job.

This is very possible because there are scouts that do this every year.

For example, in this article four boys combined sold $250,000 worth of popcorn on their own.

Set a popcorn fundraising sales goal!

For instance, these boys sold anywhere from 1,000 to 4,750 bags of popcorn each!

WOW! That is a lot of popcorn sales! So selling only 40 bags of popcorn seems easy next to that, right?

You might be wondering, “How much money would my group make if we all reached our goals?”

First of all, how many students will you have selling popcorn? Let’s say you have 20 students selling 40 bags of popcorn each. 800 bags of popcorn would generate a $3,200 profit for your small non-profit group.

So, tell me, what would you do with an extra $3200 for your school or church?

How to do a popcorn fundraiser

popcorn pleasures brochure inside view

It’s easy to sell!

Simply tell your customers about your youth group.

  • Explain to them all of the wonderful things it is helping you to learn to become a better human being.
  • Tell them why are you are raising money.
  • Finally, show them the beautiful popcorn pleasures brochure and let them see all of the delicious gourmet popcorn flavors.
  • Tell them which flavors are the most popular. For example, you can say: “Most people get this one or that one”. Why does this work? Because people are afraid to make the wrong choice. So they also want to buy what “most people” buy.
  • Ask them, “Which one looks good to you?” Then be quiet until they answer you.

Popcorn fundraiser letter to parents

We offer a free service where we help you write the ideal popcorn fundraising letter to parents of your students.

You can do this yourself, however, we have a proven fundraising letter outline that we’ve used for thousands of schools, sports teams, non-profit and youth groups. (Link)popcorn fundraisers order form / form

Are you looking for popcorn fundraiser order forms? (Link) You get a free popcorn fundraiser form attached to every brochure you receive. Each order form allows you to put up to 20 customer orders on it.

Tell us how many volunteers you have that will help you sell popcorn. We will send you enough popcorn brochures and order forms for all of your volunteers.

Siri, I want to find a popcorn fundraiser near me!

hello siri? cartoon speech bubbleFundraising Zone has popcorn fundraisers in every state of the country. Thousands of schools, churches, and youth teams all over the nation use our popcorn fundraising events every year.

So, it doesn’t matter where you live because we can set you up to have a successful popcorn fundraiser in your community.

Give us a call when you are ready 🙂

Popcorn fundraiser online

Are you looking for a popcorn fundraiser online?

Look no further because Fundraising Zone is the answer you are looking for! Our online popcorn brochures make it really easy for you to send a link to your friends, family and neighbors.

You can use:

  • Texts.
  • Email.
  • Social media sharing.

Popcorn fundraiser reviews

Our customers love our popcorn fundraising program.

Why do they love the program so much?

  1. Its simple and easy to follow.
  2. The fundraising products taste great!
  3. The company stands 100% behind the popcorn they make.
  4. They feel our programs that earn a 50% profit are very profitable.

You can read some of our popcorn fundraiser reviews here.

Overcoming Popcorn Fundraising Objections

In conclusion, not everyone will buy popcorn from you. But that is okay because this teaches our children the following valuable life lessons:

  • Firstly: Don’t take rejection personally. (Here is a HINT: Its never about you—It’s ALWAYS about them.)
  • Secondly: We don’t always get what we want every time.
  • Thirdly: Those that KEEP ON ASKING, get the reward.

So, is there anything you can do when people say “no” to you?

We want to share a few objections you might get when soliciting donations and selling popcorn.

Notice how you can easily get around them. You will sell more popcorn if you try these suggestions:

Here are the top 5 common customer objections

Why not practice them ahead of time so you have the best chance of reaching your fundraising goals?

  1. I don’t have any money right now. “I understand. We can accept a check or credit card if that helps. Or, we can come by another day. Which do you prefer?”
  2. I don’t like popcorn. “I understand. Would you like to support our children and give popcorn as a gift for someone else?”
  3. I can’t eat popcorn. Same answer as above. Or do you know anyone that likes popcorn?
  4. That’s a lot of money for popcorn. “I can understand why you feel this way. However this isn’t about popcorn, its about helping kids”. Here is your opportunity to tell them about your youth group and why you are raising money for the kids.
  5. I just bought some already. “Can you do me a small favor and let me practice my sales pitch anyway?” (Don’t be surprised if they buy it anyway!)

The top 3 parent objections you may hear:

  1. Can’t I just donate instead? “Thank you for your generosity. But would you mind showing your friends, family and co-workers the brochure anyway? It’s not about the popcorn, it’s about helping our kids learn how to set and reach goals”.
  2. I’m too busy to help. “I understand how you feel. A two week fundraiser is a lot to ask, isn’t it? What if you helped for only one day, or just one morning? Would that be OK?
  3. “I’m not good at selling. “I understand. We all feel the same way. However, could you bring the Popcorn Pleasures brochure to work with you? Just show it to your coworkers and let the brochure do the work for you”.

We hope you found our ultimate resource for popcorn fundraisers helpful. We also invite you to get your free popcorn fundraising kit here.

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