80s prom fundraiser

California School Fundraising Ideas- 80’s Prom Fundraiser

The 80’s Prom Fundraiser– Profitable California School Fundraising Ideas

If you are looking for ways to raise money for your school prom, then listen closely. These California school fundraising ideas may be exactly what you are looking for!

Think seriously about putting on an 80’s prom fundraiser. Why? Because apparently they can be fun and very profitable. These are pretty darn good prom fundraisers.

I’ve Had the Time of My Life,” 80’s prom fundraiser

What do you when you need to raise $3,500 for classroom technology? The Mountain Valley Parents Club was in that very situation. They needed to buy equipment for the PCS’s learning centers in Quincy, Indian Valley and Chester.

Their idea…. ? A 1980s prom fundraiser for anyone 21 years old and up.

Did it work? You bet! Two hundred people showed up to dance the night away. Everyone said they had the time of their lives!

What did they do to make this California school prom fundraiser a success?

Try these suggestions as you plan your 80’s prom fundraising event.

  • They hired a DJ that played dance music popular in the 1980’s.
  • They set up a paid bar to raise funds. (Remember, this was a 21+ crowd.)
  • They had a photographer take prom photos.
  • Everyone dressed like they did back in high school during the 1980’s.
  • They had a silent auction for products that local businesses donated to support the charter school.
  • Additionally, they chose a prom king and queen.
  • Finally, they awarded prizes for best costume and best dancer.

Did the guests have fun?

Kimzey, an instructor at the charter school reports: “I’ve had so many people tell me that it was the most fun they’ve had in a long time.”

How does that sound to you? This can be pretty fun and profitable at the same time!

How can we help you to raise money for your prom?

In conclusion, we have plenty of prom fundraising ideas to share with you.

Feel free to read the dozens of fundraising articles we have on our website. We have been helping high schools raise money for proms for decades.

So, which is our favorite prom fundraising idea?

Our favorite way to raise money for school proms we would have to say is brochure fundraisers.

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