cheer fundraisers for high school cheerleaders easy

Cheer Fundraisers For High School

 Who else is looking for some easy cheer fundraisers for high school?

So, your high school cheer team needs to raise money. Well, Fundraising Zone has proven turnkey fundraising solutions to help you do this!

You will love these cheer fundraisers for high school.

Of course we first suggest our amazing brochures that offer you up to a 50% profit on each sale:

However, any of the following will compliment your fundraising efforts to pay for high school cheer uniforms, travel and tournament fees.

9 Easy High School Cheer Fundraising Ideas

cheer waffle fundraisers

Waffle Breakfast!

If your cheer booster parents have a few waffle irons among them, you are ready to go.

Simply charge a flat fee for all the waffles you can eat for breakfast. This also works as a pancake fundraiser breakfast.

Finally, get your volunteers lined up and promote this like crazy in your community using flyers and social media.

mow the lawn cheer fundraiser

Mow That Lawn!

Your high school cheer team needs to stay fit and in shape to make it in the competitive cheer arena. So maybe yard work is the answer if you are looking for a spring fundraiser for cheer.

Your neighbors will gladly donate to your cheer squad for you to mow their lawn, because they are usually tired from a long work week. Furthermore, you can probably use their mower for free if you don’t have one!

leaf raking cheerleader fundraiser

Rake Up Those Leaves!

This is a great autumn fundraiser for cheer. Come fall the leaves are everywhere. Do you think your neighbors might pay you to rake up your leaves? Of course they will!

Additionally, all your high school cheerleaders need is some gloves and trash bags to get started.

Finally, remember to go to the next door neighbor because you will pick up extra customers this way.


cinnamon fundraising for cheer teams

Sell Cinnabons!

Cinnamon buns make great comfort food, don’t you agree? The smell of fresh cinnamon rolls in the oven gets everyone excited. Your high school all star cheerleaders can simply show the brochure to their friends and family.

Your cheer team earns up to $8 per sale when people buy cinnamon rolls. So, go ahead and raise money comforting your friends and family with this free cinnamon roll fundraiser.

cheer clinic fundraiser

Cheer Clinic!

This is a great summer cheer fundraiser. It also is a great way for younger girls to try cheer out and see if they like it.because they get to have fun learning a few simple cheer routines.

Mom and dad will love this because it gets the kids out of the house for the day!

And fnally, you can also sell cheer t-shirts to earn extra money to help you compete this year.

hamburger fundraiser for cheer squads

Hamburger Drive!

Who can resist the smell of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill?

See if you can set up a grill outside in a grocery store in your neighborhood. In addition, have your cheer leaders do a few cheer routines to get noticed!

Furthermore, ask everyone that comes in or out of the store if they want a delicious hamburger for lunch. Price it cheap so you get a lot of customers.


cheer walk-a-thon fundraiser

Cheer Walk-A-Thon

Another great way for cheerleaders and students to get exercise is a walk-a-thon. Friends, family and neighbors will be happy to sponsor you by the lap or mile. Be sure to tell everyone why you are raising money.

This works for well for cheer leaders raising money for local charities too. Call the local paper to get some free press and advertising.

chocolate kiss fundraiser for high school cheerleaders

Chocolate Kisses!

Have fun with this one.

Have the cheer leaders wear a sign around their neck that says “Kisses $1”. They can ask people if they would like a kiss. They will get a laugh when you hand them a chocolate kiss!

Make sure you have adults on hand to supervise this school fundraiser. You can pick up a big bag of chocolate kisses for only a few bucks making this a profitable and fun event. 

Raise Money With Our Winter Gift Wrap Fundraisers for high school cheer teams

Wrapping Paper!

This makes the perfect winter cheer fundraiser for high schools. Your friends and family will love this free fundraiser brochure. There are plenty of beautiful and affordable gift wrap designs and gifts for everyone in the family. Your high school cheer team earns up to 50% on each sale.

Raise money spreading cheer this holiday season with this school gift wrap fundraiser

Who is ready to raise money for high school cheer?

In conclusion, Fundraising Zone has been in this business for 50 years. Our simple money raising programs for school sports teams, cheer, and dance are proven winners.

Why not call one of our fundraising coaches? They are standing by to answer your questions on how to choose the best cheer fundraisers for high school.