Cheer Fundraising Ideas From South Carolina

Cheer Fundraising Ideas From South Carolina

Cheer Fundraising Ideas From South Carolina

These high school cheer leaders are serious about raising awareness of breast cancer. Did you know that more than 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year? Because early detection is the key to winning this battle, you can now see why these kids are so interested in getting the word out about early detection. Is your cheer team or squad looking to raise money? Then you will enjoy these cheer fundraising ideas from South Carolina.

It makes sense that the cheer leading squad would take the lead in this effort. After all, cheer leaders love to build enthusiasm and excitement for their team. That is what they do best! Breast cancer affects us all. It seems nowadays, everyone has someone that they know or love has been affected by this disease.

What cheer fundraising ideas have they been using?

How can you use these high school fundraising ideas from South Carolina?

Here is a list that you might find helpful:

  • Collecting donations from the car-rider lines in the morning before school starts
  • Selling breast cancer awareness merchandise and pledge cards during lunch.
  • “In the Pink” fashion show
  • Powder-puff football game
  • Student walk-a-thon fundraisers
  • Pink-out varsity football game
  • “Dig Pink” volleyball game
  • Bake sale
  • Pink T-shirt sale

You can see these students are serious about making a difference and we certainly commend them for doing so.

How to use the spirit of competition for your next cheer fundraiser

Some schools offer a fundraiser prize program to give incentives to their students. But not these high school students. They wanted to raise the stakes. As a result, the person with the least amount of personal sales has to wear a pink tutu to school. Talk about a reason to get to work right away!

Two years ago they raised about $700. They look to raise a whole lot more with this agenda that they have.

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