Dance Team Fundraising Ideas

Dance Team Fundraising Idea

Easy Dance Team Fundraiser Ideas you can Learn

Whether your Majorettes are headed to the State Championship, The National Championship in Orlando or the Miss Dance Drill Team International World Championships, we would like to help you raise the money you need. Our proven top fundraising ideas work for middle school & high school dance teams, dance squads, dance clubs & pom squads too. You are going to love our easy dance team fundraising ideas to help you take your jazz, hip hop, and pom style routines all the way to number one!

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Dance Team Fundraising Ideas to Use and Make Money

Regardless of what type of dance team you are involved or affiliated with, the task of finding a quality fundraiser never ends.

Fundraising for trips, travel expenses, new outfits, camps & clinics, sponsored events, and especially competitions, can eat up cash fast. These funds need to be replenished, and we have the solutions to assist you. Dance teams have never ending financial obligations – and they have to take it seriously.

Our high school & middle school dance teams have used the money they have raised from our fundraisers to pay for:

  • Team uniforms
  • Dance costumes
  • Pom poms
  • Hotels & travel expenses
  • Tournament fees

How about your dance club?

What are you saving money for right now? We really do want to help you succeed with your next fundraising event.

What fundraising solutions can we offer your dance team?

If you are looking for new ideas and/or “time-tested” ones, then please review one of our brochure programs.

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Why is raising money for your dance team important?

Raising money for dance events is an ongoing process. If your group wants to stay competitive, you have to take the time to raise funds for trips, new outfits, training, camp and travel expenses. Your dancers need to compete if they have dreams of entering the world of professional dance one day.

There are many ways to raise money for dance teams, such as donations, dance-a-thons, food drives, etc.  But brochure fundraising is a “risk free” way to raise thousands of dollars and you don’t have to lay out any money up front.

PLUS, you must know that competitive dance and cheer leading teams need to start raising money now if they are going to compete at the next tournament. How sad it would be to qualify, but not be able to afford to compete at the next dance team competition event. This is where our youth fundraiser ideas can help.

Dance Team Fundraising Ideas that are Easy

You will love the idea of how our fundraising brochures complement other traditional fundraising events like:

  • Have your dancers hold signs up in your school parking lot that say “Your car washed for only $10!”
  • You can also have a garage sale or yard sale in which you get to keep all the money for.
  • In addition, the student’s parents making goodies to sell at your school bake sales.
  • Furthermore, you can try gift cards, Papa Johns pizza cards, cotton candy or coffee fundraisers too by working out deals with local businesses in your neighborhood community.
  • Talk to your local grocer and ask if you can bag groceries for tips. You can also include a flier for your fundraiser in every bag.
  • Sin up for the Amazon affiliate program. Your dancers will earn a commission on every sale their friends and family purchase through their link.
  • Dance fundraising walks allow your friends and family to sponsor you.
  • Check out our spring catalog that features flower bulb fundraising ideas because many of your neighbors are probably going to buy these at the store anyway.
  • Finally, you can sell gift wrap using our winter fundraisers.
  • Remember that the key to increased donations is scheduling several fund raisers throughout the year. Be sure to use social media to get your message out there.

Dance Team Fundraising Ideas – How can we Help You

Our easy brochure fundraisers provide your dance booster club with the following benefits:

Can our Dance Team Fundraising Ideas be this easy?

Yes, they most certainly can.

How about some customer success stories? Notice what Venita, from the Dunham Dance Academy had to say:

“While everyone we know had been doing candy bar fundraisers, we wanted to find something unique and interesting. We found it in the Gourmet Popcorn fundraiser, and I don’t know what they put in it, but people couldn’t get enough! We can’t wait to get it going again next fundraising season. Thank you for being professional, helpful, and everything we could ask for in a company like yours.”

What does this mean for your school fundraiser?

It means that for 50 years dancers have successfully used our proven school, youth group and church fundraising ideas. That means even the toughest dance team judges would give us a 10 out of 10 for form!

Dance team coaches, drill team leaders, pep squad leaders, and other dance troop leaders will find they can earn up to 52% profits with any of our chocolate fund raising products. We have been in business for 50 years and will be here to assist you.

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We have worked with hundreds of dance teams and gymnastics groups and we would like to help assist you too. You will love the easy dance team fundraiser ideas we will share with you! And yes, these ideas will work for a cheerleading fundraiser too.

So, please call us at 800-645-6550 with any questions for raising money with our dance team fundraising ideas.

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Additional Dance Team Fundraising Ideas

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