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Church Fundraising Ideas From MA

Just suppose you wanted to build a church coffee shop. How would you raise the money? We hope you enjoy these church fundraising ideas from MA.
The Jesus Life Center in Worcester’s Main South neighborhood wants to build a local coffee shop. They have a budget goal to a raise $30,000. Church coffee shops are becoming more popular today, because it provides an opportunity for families and neighbors to get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere.
The name of their new coffee shop is LIFE CAFE. The coffee shop will serve as a community center with school programs, drum circles, English as a Second Language classes, chess groups and other activities too.

How will they raise $30,000 to do this?

Here are a few of the church fundraiser ideas they will be using.

There will be a missions festival for the public. In addition, there will be plenty of activities for families, food from various countries and cultures, a yard sale and bouncy houses too.
We wish them much success.

How can you use these church fundraising ideas from MA to build your church coffee shop?

Did you notice the outreach to the community with their missions festival? So, get your local businesses involved to share the message with their customers. Additionally, many will allow you to put up bandit signs or posters. Furthermore, they got all the families involved for one big massive yard sale. Everyone will donate the profits towards this good cause.

Finally. they took a multi-faceted approach. So, they are not relying on ONE kind of fundraiser to raise all the money they need. Our fundraising brochures could be the exact missing ingredient you are looking for!

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