Easy Church Fundraising Ideas

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Church Fundraising Ideas

If you are looking for church fundraising ideas for your nonprofit organizations please sit back because we are about to share some of our top ideas for church fundraisers.

We have been working with large and small churches for the last 50 years. Our advice, tips, and suggestions have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Churches just like yours.

We hope you find the following information helpful to you. It will also answer many of the commonly asked questions that our clients have.

Best Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

Best Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

Mission trips are popular all over the country as many people tend to go on them while in college as part of service organizations. They are also popular in churches and other service groups for people of all ages. Mission trips visit places all across the globe, helping others learn new languages, build homes, help animals, save the rain forest and more. Mission trips are not free, which is why those who attend need to raise money. Read More...


Church Choir Fundraising Ideas

Choir brochure fundraising ideas from Fundraisingzone.com offers your choir the chance to earn profits up to 50% or more. Convenient, safe and fun way to raise money - no financial risk. We provide brochure fundraising programs to choirs and choral groups. We have 50 years of experience helping church choirs raise funds. Read More...

coffee fundraiser for church

Coffee Fundraiser For Church

Want An Easy Coffee Fundraising Idea For Church? Holding a coffee fundraiser for church choirs or youth groups is a great way to raise money. Read More...

Small Church Fundraising Ideas

Small Church Fundraising Ideas - Easy, Best, Profitable

Small churches have that close community feeling that you don't get from a mega church. Unfortunately, that means when it's time to dip into your wallets to pay for church repairs, maintenance, or a mission trip, there may not be enough donations to cover it. That is when it is time to have a church fundraiser. Our easy small church fundraising ideas are exactly what you need because they are fun ways to raise money. Read More...


Christian Academy Fundraising Ideas

Christian academy fundraising is an ongoing affair. We offer Christian based schools a wide variety of brochure fundraising options. Read More...


Fundraising for a Good Cause: Support Local Community Church Fundraising

Churches are a mainstay where, no matter what your faith, you can appreciate the selfless giving and charity they offer to the communities they serve. They establish shelters for the homeless and those in need, organize schools of all grade levels, feed the homeless, offer job placement for those who are unemployed, and contribute to the spiritual development of their congregation. There is no more noble a cause. Read More...

Church fundraising companies

Let’s face it, there are many church fundraising companies on the Internet to choose from. How do you know who to trust? Whom should you choose as your church fundraising consultant?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a church fundraising company to work with:

1. Do they charge you money upfront before getting results? Anyone can say they are a church fundraiser consulting company. All it takes is a website and a business card. The last thing we want is for you to give someone money before they produce results. Instead, be sure to work with church fundraising consultants that offer to be compensated by the results they provide for you. Because this way your parishioner’s donations and contributions are protected.

2. Do they require that you pay upfront for materials to help you with your fundraising event? Genuine fundraising companies provide free brochures, envelopes, letters and training. They also provide free shipping when your church youth group meets the minimum sales order.

3. Do they require that you buy the fundraising merchandise before you sell it? Some church fundraiser consultants require that you buy all of your fun raising products beforehand. Can you see how this could cause a problem for your small church? Sad to say, some churches have been stuck with fundraising promotional items that they cannot sell. So, that is why our fundraising program for Churches requires zero money out-of-pocket. There is absolutely no upfront costs to your congregation. Your church simply pays for the fundraising items they sell. Best of all, your church can pay for the products out of the money that they collect upfront.

Small church fundraising ideas

Will these fundraising ideas work for small churches? You will be glad to know that our church fundraising program will work for churches of all sizes and denominations. Yes, we have enjoyed success with:

  • Catholic church fundraising ideas
  • Baptist church fundraising ideas
  • Methodist fundraising ideas
  • Fundraising ideas for Black churches

The key to raising money for small churches is to stick to a proven system.

After 50 years in this business we have simplified church fundraising down to a few simple steps to follow. So, if you can follow these instructions then you will succeed. Best of all, we will walk you through each step one at a time.

Furthermore, our coaching starts with our very first phone call and goes through the point of delivering all of your fundraising merchandise.

Creative church fundraising ideas

Our blog is full of dozens of creative fundraising ideas for churches. So, please feel free to use these and adapt them to work for your church. From church dinners, to car washes, garage sales and church walks, we have something for everyone.

Do you have any unique church fundraising ideas?

Yes, you will find many unique fundraisers in the articles of our blog. Additionally, you will learn how to get local businesses involved to help you raise the most money for your church.

Our unique programs are great for:

Fundraising ideas for church youth groups

What about children’s church fundraising ideas?

Yes, all of our youth church fundraising ideas will work for children of all ages. This means our fundraisers are ideal for Catholic schools and all other kinds of Christian or religious schools.

Our free prize incentive program is ideal for children. Additionally, it gives your church youth the opportunity to win prizes for selling the most fundraising merchandise. Furthermore, there is a prize for everyone in this program. So, please feel free to ask us more details about our church youth group fundraising program.

Free church fundraising ideas

What about free church fundraiser ideas?

You will be happy to know that all of our brochures and catalogs are free for Churches. Your Church pays absolutely nothing out-of-pocket to get started with our program. Simply put, if you do not sell anything, you pay nothing. This is a real win-win fundraising program for Churches.

Great fundraisers for small churches

What makes a great fundraiser for Churches? It depends on what is important to you:

  • Free fundraising materials.
  • Free coaching and phone support.
  • Top notch quality merchandise that you will feel proud to sell to your friends and family.
  • Free shipping opportunities.
  • Customer service that helps you before the sale, during the sale, and also after the sale too.
  • Dozens of happy customer testimonials to read.
  • Helping people buy fun things like cookie dough, popcorn and even coffee too.
  • And finally, high profit margins!

Thankfully, all the fundraising brochures at Fundraisingzone.com meet these criteria because we designed our program to make it easy for our fundraising customers.

Easy church fundraising ideas

No one wants a complicated church fundraiser. Instead, churches want easy fundraising ideas to try because your church committee is busy enough already.

This is the best part of our fundraising programs. So, simply follow our five step fundraising process and you will see how easy raising money for your church can be.

  1. First of all, choose the perfect fundraiser for your church. (We will help you select the best church fundraiser for your organization.)
  2. You also want to show the fundraising brochures to your friends and family.
  3. Furthermore, collect payment upfront for all sales.
  4. In addition, you will order your fundraising items through or 1-800 number.
  5. Finally, after receiving shipment of your merchandise, deliver it to your customers. Your church gets to keep the difference between what you sold the product for what you paid for it.

Church fundraising letter

What about church fundraising letters?

If you would like help designing a parent letter to send home with all the young people in your youth group, we would be happy to help you. This is just another valuable added service that we provide to our customers.

Are you ready to see how cookie dough, trail mix or popcorn can help your youth group raise money? Because we are ready to help you!

In conclusion, we invite you to a free church fundraising ideas phone consultation. Furthermore, we will answer all your questions and help you to reach your church fundraising goals.