Christian Academy Fundraising Ideas


Christian Academy Fundraising Ideas

If your christian school, christian academy, Montessori school or religion-based school is looking for a profitable and easy-to-manage fundraiser then please consider the benefits and values of running a “risk free” program with Tracy Hamilton Inc.  Christian academy fundraising ideas is something we have experience in.

We have been in business since 1965 – meeting the needs of many Christian academy’s in that time. provides your academy with everything you will need, including prizes, kick-off kits, free sorting and much, much more. We have all been involved in managing our own fundraisers locally with our own children-we can sympathize. Here at the we offer two choices..brochure fund raising and direct sale fundraising. You will love both of these You will love both of these ways to raise money for church.

Brochure Fund Raisers for Christian Schools & Christian Academy’s

Running your christian fund raising program with the can be extremely profitable. Our line of fund raising catalogs include a variety of products such as cookie dough, gift wrap, household items and hundreds of others. Additionally, we take pride in developing relationships with our fundraising clients and we manage every aspect of their fundraiser. Our service package for brochure fundraising customers is second to none. Please review our full line of brochure fund raising catalogs, click here for details.

Raising money for field trips, education programs, sporting events, aid programs, traveling expenses, new playgrounds, sports fields, etc. can get costly. Here at the we offer parents and teachers a profitable selection of ideas to help you raise the money you need for your association. Please click here to request a free fundraising kit today.

Call us for Details and Information

If you would like to discuss your upcoming Christian Academy fundraiser or if you have questions then please contact us directly at 800.645.6550. We have been in business since 1965 – we’ll be here for you.

Thank You.

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