Church Choir Fundraising Ideas

church choir fundraising ideas

Church Choir Fundraising Ideas

Church choir fundraising ideas from our company offers your group the opportunity to earn profits of up to 52% and it is a convenient, safe and fun way to raise money – and it is 100% Risk Free. We provide brochure fundraising programs to choirs and choral groups. Choir fundraising is very challenging – here at Tracy Hamilton Inc. we can assist you by offering you a wide variety of brochure fundraising choices. Our customers love us – hopefully you will too..!

What is a good choice for church choirs interested in running a fundraising campaign?

There are many options for running a fundraiser for your choir. There are gift cards, donations, bake sales, car washes and many other options. We believe that brochure fundraising is one of the best choices for a school choir or independent singing group. To set up a choir fundraiser you can simply call us at 800.645.6550 and we can discuss your choir fund raising needs with you.

We have been in business for over fifty years and we continue to assist choirs, school bands, teams, etc with profitable and risk-free ways to earn money. Our line of fund raising catalogs include a variety of products such as cookie dough, yummy snacks, gift wrap, household items and hundreds of others. Additionally, we take pride in developing relationships with our choir fundraising clients and we manage every aspect of their fundraiser.

Church Choir Fundraising Brochure Options

 Cookie dough sells well for choirs

The word is, gift wrap could do it – we have two options – that’s right, two options.

 Snackin in the USA – this is one of the best sellers we have, only $7 each.

 Gourmet Goodness – snacks from the Heartland – the choir will love them

Church choir fundraising request kit

If your church or religious goup choir group, choral group or singing group needs money for travel expenses, competitions, talent nights, special sheet music, outfits or training expenses then we have great choices for you. There are some really good ideas at our site for brochure fundraising.

Choir group fund raising programs using brochures and or chocolates, etc. are a great way to raise money for your group–any questions about our choir group fundraisers please call us at 800.645.6550; thank you. We have worked with many school choir groups throughout the years and we provide them with everything you’ll need to run a profitable fundraiser.

Our service package for brochure fundraising customers is second to none. Please review our full line of brochure fund raising catalogs which work well for choirs – click here for details.

Church Choir Fundraising Ideas that Work Well