Connecticut School Fundraising Ideas For Puerto Rico

Connecticut School Fundraising Ideas For Puerto Rico

Connecticut School Fundraising Ideas For Puerto Rico

After Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on Puerto Rico in September 2017 the good people of Hartford are banding together to send relief supplies. They are using the local elementary schools to donate water, juice boxes, canned food, diapers and toiletries.

Were will the donations be sent?

All the proceeds from these school fundraisers are headed to Hartford’s San Juan Center, one of several Latino organizations in Connecticut that are working together to form the Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Network. Currently they are trying to arrange a cargo plane to send the supplies directly to Puerto Rico families in need.

More school fundraising ideas from Connecticut

Here are a few other things the local schools are doing to help the poor families suffering in Puerto Rico without electricity, food and drinking water.


The eighth grade students of Hartford’s McDonough Expeditionary Learning School have pledged to dance for four hours after school in exchange for donations. Normally the funds raised from their dance fundraisers would go towards things that their school needed. This year the students were in favor of helping Puerto Rico hurricane survivors instead.

Pie Sale

Every year the Burns Latino Studies Academy has an annual pie sale. This year all the proceeds will go towards getting Puerto Rico relief supplies as well.

Care packages and back packs

The faculty at Sanchez Elementary School is preparing for an influx of new students fleeing from the island to stay with local family here in Hartford. These kids will need help too. That is why they are setting up enough care packages, backpacks and social services to help up to 100 new students.

Natural disasters can bring out the best and worst in humanity. We are seeing some beautiful things here in Hartford.  The Principal at MD Fox Elementary said, “It shows that people have a genuine love and empathy for other human beings — putting aside their own needs … to truly think of other families.”

How will you put these school fundraising ideas from Connecticut to work in your school to make a difference?