Interview of daycare fundraiser ideas with Joe Wolpin

Daycare Fundraiser Ideas Interview

Daycare fundraiser ideas interview with Joe Wolpin

Fundraisin logo roundYou have worked so hard to build your daycare center or child care facility. Perhaps, you have already reached out to your state run child care agency to see if there are any funds available. However, not all daycares get state subsidies to help fund their child care program. This means you need to find additional ways to raise money for daycare art supplies, toys, games and snacks. You need daycare fundraiser ideas that work.

We reached out to Joe Wolpin with Fundrasing Zone about how to help daycare centers. In this interview, Joe shares some free daycare fundraising ideas.

Why do daycares need to raise money?

Joe Wolpin from Fundraising  Zone tells us, “Every daycare center has their own unique reason to have a fundraiser. For instance, maybe they need new playground equipment, or want to buy more books for the library. Additionally, others need money to pay for new chairs, benches or tables. Finally, some childcare centers want money to pay for special activities, trips and holiday parties.”

What are some easy ways with daycare centers to raise money?

Joe continues, “Daycare facilities all over the country have had success using the free fundraising brochure programs at Fundraising Zone.”

How does it work?

Joe explains, “First of all, we help a local daycare center choose the perfect fundraiser brochure. For instance, they may choose to sell gourmet popcorn, trail mix or cookie dough. Secondly, we ship them out for free. Thirdly, we support them every step of the way so they successfully reach their fundraising goal.”

What happens next?

Joe continues, “All you have to do is show the brochure to your friends and family. If they like what they see, they will buy it from you. It is simple as that.”

Can daycares really make money doing this?

Joe shares, “Here at Fundraising Zone, we only sell quality products that people like to buy already. Additionally, the products are very affordable and priced between $7 and $10. Furthermore, your daycare center can earn up to a 50% profit on every sale. This means it can be very profitable for a daycare center that runs a two week fundraiser. And finally, we have had daycares that have earned anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Of course it depends on the individual child care center and how hard they work.”

Do you have any other suggestions for daycare fundraiser ideas?

Joe tells us, “Here are 10 great daycare fundraisers ideas for preschools, childcare, and daycare centers to raise funds:

  1. Bake sales.
  2. Car washes.
  3. Fun photo day.
  4. Teddy bear picnics.
  5. Art shows and auctions.
  6. Raffles.
  7. Silent auctions.
  8. Restaurant parties.
  9. Sell gift wrap this holiday season.
  10. Finally, coffee fundraisers because everyone loves to drink coffee.”

Thanks Joe that was great! In conclusion, do you have any final words of encouragement to our daycare owners?

Joe says “Yes, start planning now. You must get organized, commit to a plan and execute. This is the only way to reach your fundraising goals. Once you find a fundraiser that works for you, stick with it. Then look to add a second fundraising event for another part of the year. And finally, keep track of your list of donors and supporters so you can contact them again next year.”

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