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Daycare Fundraising Ideas in WV – Farm To Fork

If you had to raise money for your daycare center, what would you do?

The Linwood Daycare center found themselves asking this very same question. What did they do? A farm-to fork fundraiser. In fact, this daycare fundraiser has proved so successful, that this is their fourth year in a row doing it. We hope you enjoy these daycare fundraising ideas in WV.

What is a farm-to-fork fundraiser?

This is a perfect example of how communities can help one another. The Linwood Alive! non-profit started the Linwood Community Garden. So, what do we do with all of these healthy, delicious vegetables? The answer was to hold a fundraising dinner.

The community members joined forces to cook an amazing pork tenderloin dinner with plenty of farm fresh veggies. Beautiful wild flower table settings added the perfect touch to the meal.

What else did they do to raise money?

  • Community members donated items to be sold via a silent auction.
  • Additionally, they teamed up with a local restaurant and bar called “Fiddlehead” for a share in the proceeds. So, everyone went there after dinner for drinks and entertainment.

How can you use these daycare fundraising ideas from West Virginia?

Did you notice how the community came together to make this possible? It was only by volunteering and working together this daycare fundraiser was so successful.

What if you don’t have a local community garden? Local farmers would love to work with you on this. Why not reach out to a local farmer in your community?

What if you don’t have a local farm? Many supermarkets sell vegetables from local farmers in your region.

Additionally, you can partner with a local restaurant like they did with the Fiddlehead restaurant.

Finally, you can reach out to local business owners to see if they would be willing to donate products and services for a silent auction.

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