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It’s A Dog Day Church Fundraiser

Raise money for church with this dog day church fundraising idea

There are a lot of pet owners out there. One church in the UK has so many animal lovers they decided to have a dog day church fundraiser. So, what is a dog day church fundraising event like? And why should you try one?

If you are looking for looking for easy church fundraiser ideas for pet lovers, then you’ll enjoy this article.

The dog day church fundraiser from the UK.

Here is an opportunity to show off your dog and have it compete in a wide array of competitions.

For example…

  • Best veteran dog
  • Best rescue dog
  • Waggiest tail
  • Prettiest girl
  • Most handsome boy
  • Best tricks

Ribbons were handed out to the winners in each category.

Additionally there were plenty of canine themed activities and games. There was a treasure hunt, a quiz, face painting, a barbecue and a raffle too.

What makes this so successful?

First of all, people love their pets and are proud of them. Additionally, to have their pet compete in a small local competition and win a prize is exciting! Furthermore, it makes them feel really good inside too!

Does dog day fundraising work for churches?

What do you think?

This church has been doing the dog fundraisers for the past two years now. This year it attracted about 30 dog owners and their pets. Furthermore, it raised over $550 that the church can now use to help pay for repairs and expenses. Best of all, it was a lot of wholesome fun for the whole family.

By the way, this dog day idea will also work to raise money as an animal shelter fundraiser or Humane Society fundraiser too.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a way to raise money for your church, then maybe you will want to try a dog day fundraiser too.

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