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Duct Tape Principal to Raise Funds for Cancer Research or Anything

School Fundraising Ideas From Ohio – Duct Tape The Principal!

Why would any teacher allow herself to be duct taped to a wall by her students?

For a good cause, that’s why! Principal Michelle Balderson and School Secretary Traci Kohl volunteered for a school fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You will enjoy this elementary school fundraising ideas from Ohio.

Unfortunately, Leukemia and Lymphoma affect children and adults alike. These Rockhill elementary school students wanted to raise money to help cure these cancer diseases. How did they do it?

From Ohio -Duct Tape Fundraiser Idea

How do you get kids excited about raising money for cancer?

First, tell them to collect loose change from friends and family. Next, tell them they will get to duct tape their school principal to the wall. Thus Pennies for Patients was born!

How did these students do with their school cancer fundraiser?

These kids raised over $2,000 and giggled every moment of the event! Every child that made a donation got to stick a piece of duct tape on Principal Michelle Balderson. The principal and school secretary were good sports and were glad to help.

Can you do a “duct tape a principal to the wall” fundraiser?

  • Find something to raise money for in your school or local community.
  • For every dollar collected, the students get to put on one piece of tape.
  • Make sure you buy enough tape so that the principal or teacher sticks to the wall.
  • Spread the word on social media.
  • Take lots of pictures!

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