dunk your teacher

Dunk A Teacher – Maryland School Fundraising Ideas

Raise money for your school by DUNKING your teacher.

THINK BACK to when you were in school. Was there a teacher you would have gladly paid money for a chance to DUNK? Now you can see why these Maryland school fundraising ideas were a smashing hit.

Dunk a teacher fundraiser.

The Sixth-graders at West Middle School wanted to help DC/MD/VA Chapter of the ALS Association. But how would they raise money?

Imagine setting up a dunk tank filled with ice water in your school and a teacher sitting precariously above it. Got that image in your head?

Now suppose you told the students that the more money they raised in donations, the more chances they would get to DUNK a teacher. How much money do you think your school would raise?

Are you smiling yet?

Perhaps, you might even have a teacher or two to suggest being dunked!

But does these Maryland school fundraising ideas really work?

How does $6,000 sound to you?

This was too good an opportunity to pass up for some. In fact one 11-year old girl raised $800 all by herself! How did she do it?

Lessons to learn from the dunk a teacher fundraising event

11-year-old Mae Andalora has a few tips to share to help you raise the most money for your school.

  • Pick a fundraiser that is fun and gets the students excited about raising money.
  • Select a cause that the students will be motivated to help and support.
  • Mae walked around her neighborhood and talked to people about the fundraiser and asked for donations. Please remember to do this safely by always pairing an adult with a minor.
  • Mae also sent emails to help raise money.
  • Finally, this was a month long fundraiser which allowed the kids plenty of time to get donations.

In conclusion, if you want some help running a profitable school fundraiser, then please reach out to introduce yourself. 

Finally, we love meeting teachers and parents that are interested in helping their community. We have a lot more than just these few Maryland school fundraising ideas to share with you.