easy volleyball fundraising ideas cookie dough

Easy Fundraising Ideas For Volleyball Selling Cookie Dough and Popcorn

Looking For Some Easy Fundraising Ideas For Volleyball? Think Cookie Dough And Popcorn!


Are you saving money for new volleyball equipment or uniforms? You are going to love this article because we promise to share two very easy fundraising ideas for volleyball teams.

In this article we will talk about about how your volleyball players can raise money selling gourmet cookie dough and popcorn.

However, before we get started, we want to make one thing very clear.

We promise to never ask you for money to join this program. Furthermore, all of our programs require no money to get started and are 100% risk-free fundraisers for volley ball teams and clubs.

Great coed and girls volleyball fundraisers—Gourmet cookie dough & popcorn.

Do you know why volleyball players love our popcorn & cookie dough fundraiser?

Here are the top 5 reasons you will love them too!

1. No money out of pocket.

Volleyball clubs all over the country want to raise money…NOT spend it!

Unfortunately, many school team fundraising companies require you to buy your fundraising merchandise upfront. So, think about that for a moment.

Does that make any sense to you?  Apparently, it does to them.

They say it is because of the old saying. “It takes money to make money.” Perhaps, you also have heard of it before.

However, here at Fundraisingzone.com, we wholeheartedly disagree.

 That is why we will NEVER ask you for money to start our program.

Furthermore, it is our promise to you. Scouts Honor!

The reason we can do this is because we get paid only AFTER you get paid. Then you simply pay us for what you sold and have collected payment for.

2. Cookie dough and popcorn fundraisers are affordable to almost everyone.

Money is tight for many families. Perhaps, you can relate to this too.

So, doesn’t it make sense for your volleyball players to sell fundraising items that are affordable?

 We agree with you. And that is why our fundraiser programs are a hit with volleyball teams all over the country.

 For instance, our 2-lb cookie dough tub fundraiser retails for only $10. This is very reasonable for gourmet cookie dough.

For example, I recently saw cookie dough at our local supermarket for $8.99. And it was only a 1-lb package. With our cookie dough program, your customers will enjoy 2-lbs for just about the same price. It’s almost like getting a pound of cookie dough for free,

 The same is true for our gourmet popcorn fundraiser. Your volleyball team gets to sell amazing popcorn for only $7 a serving.

 This way almost everyone can afford to support your volleyball team.

3. It is very profitable!

Many of our competitors sell products that you can earn .50 on every sale.

 So, tell me… What are you going to do with 50 cents? Not much!

 On the other hand, our volleyball fundraiser program pays your team up to 50% profit on each sale. That means you can earn up to:

  • $3.50 for every bag of popcorn sold.
  • $5.00 on every tub of cookie dough

 Which sounds better to you, either a 50 cent or a $5.00 profit?

4. It’s really easy to sell!

Let’s face it. Not every volleyball player is a natural born salesman.

 Thankfully you don’t have to be one with our cookie dough or popcorn program.

 This is because these are great impulsive items that allow people to treat themselves to something that makes them feel good.

 How do you do it?

Simply show them the cookie dough brochure and let them pick the flavors they like! The popcorn brochure works the same way too.

Does it work?

Of course it does! That is why we have hundreds of schools that work with us over and over again each year. You can read about some of them here.

Of course you probably have a few questions. We want to help. After you peruse our website, feel free to call us and we will do our best to answer your questions!