4 Easy Steps To Starting A Popcorn Fundraising Program

4 easy steps to popcorn fundraising with Fundraisingzone.com

How do I start an easy popcorn fundraising program for kids?

Perhaps you were wondering the very same thing just a few moments ago. After all, selling popcorn is a great way to raise money for kids and nonprofit organizations. You’ll be glad to know that we have simplified the popcorn fundraiser into four simple steps. We have outlined the 4 easy steps to starting a popcorn fundraising program below, so you can use them at your next event.

Our gourmet popcorn fundraising program may be exactly what you’re looking for. Our clients love this program because it is easy to sell. The popcorn retails for only seven dollars, and your nonprofit keeps up to 52% on every sale. You can’t really find easy fundraising ideas better than this.

Additionally we have included a “frequently asked questions” section at the bottom of this page.

Step 1. Sign up with fundraisingzone.com.

Call us at 1-800-645-6550 to get started with the program. Do you prefer to sign up on-line? Then simply go here to get started. Yes, it is both easy and free to do so. You will find that our staff is both friendly and helpful.

Step 2. Receive your popcorn fundraiser brochures in the mail.

As soon as you sign up, we will be able to ship your popcorn fundraiser brochures to you.

Additionally, we will provide these extra free services just for you:

  • You get a free custom parent fundraising letter for your school, sports team, or nonprofit organization.
  • You get free collection envelopes to use for your orders.
  • Your organization gets to choose between a free prize incentive program, or to receive a 2% cash rebate instead.

Step 3. It’s time to tell the world about your fundraiser!

How will your friends and family know about your popcorn fundraiser unless you tell them?

Here are a few easy ways our clients have had success with getting their message out:

  • Make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to telling your story about why you are having a popcorn fundraiser.
  • Send the parent fundraiser letters we write for you with the children.
  • Show your gourmet popcorn fundraising catalog to your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.
  • Use social media websites like Instagram and Facebook to reach out to your friends about your special event.
  • Call, text, and email friends and family that live out of town.
  • Have your children design fundraising posters to put up in school and in the neighborhood.

Step number 4. Send in your orders.

When your customers find the popcorn flavors they like, ask them to pay you in advance for their order.

At the end of your fundraising event, simply collect all your orders together and send them into us. Use the money you collected to pay for your order. Your school or nonprofit gets to keep the rest. Finally, we will ship your popcorn out to you so you can deliver it to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions On Starting A Popcorn Fundraising Program

  • Does it cost anything to sign up for a popcorn fundraiser? No. We pay for everything. As you can imagine, we only ask you to be serious about this before we spend the money to ship out your brochures.
  • How much does it cost to do a popcorn fundraiser program? There are no upfront costs to your school or nonprofit group. We send you the brochures for free. Simply have your customers pay for the popcorn they want to buy. You pay us from the money you collect, and then get to keep the difference as your profit.
  • How much does it cost for shipping of the fundraising merchandise? Your popcorn is shipped for free when you meet the minimum order.
  • How much are your popcorn fundraising brochures? When you sign up to work with fundraisingzone.com, you get your popcorn fundraiser and catalogs for free. This makes our program a risk-free fundraiser for your organization.
  • How much money can you make with a popcorn fundraiser? The more popcorn you sell, the more your organization can earn. When you meet the minimum order of 150 pieces, you earn a 40% profit. However, you can earn up to 52% profit when you sell over 500 pieces.

In conclusion, we shared with you 4 easy steps to starting a popcorn fundraising program. We hope you found them as helpful as the thousands of schools we have worked with previously have.

Do you have any questions that we have not addressed? If so, then we invite you to a free phone call. Ask your questions and we will be happy to answer them for you.