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Best fundraising ideas that work

 Best Fundraiser Ideas For Schools and Teams

Find the best fundraiser ideas at, the home of the greatest fundraiser ideas for schools, cheerleaders, booster clubs, churches, youth sports teams, and other non-profit youth groups. Thousands of people just like you visit our website every year, searching for online kids fund raisers tips. So we hope you find what you’re looking for. Feel free to look around because we have dozens and dozens of articles on free fundraising tips. We believe we have the best fundraisers on the web because our clients tell us we do.

Choose The Right Company— A very good place to start !

So, if you’re going to choose a fundraising company, you might as well pick the best one, right? After all, nobody wants to make a mistake and look bad in the eyes of their peers, wouldn’t you agree?

Your fellow teachers, parents and coaches are counting on you to choose the right fundraising company. So, how do you know which is the best fundraiser company for your school or youth group?

Best Fundraising Ideas for Schools – Catalogs and Brochures


We have over a dozen catalogs featuring hundreds of fundraising items to choose from. Our fundraising merchandise is second to none, That is why our school customers return to us year after year!

Only sell top fundraising products people want to buy

From cookie dough to gourmet popcorn to gift wrap we have something for everyone. You will find gifts from everyday snacks to spring flower bulbs, magazine subscriptions and holiday presents to choose from.

The best fundraising companies sell products based on the popularity from their supporters.


Best Fundraising Ideas for Schools – Product Ideas

Many people are on a budget nowadays. This means you want to sell the top items and snacks at the right price point. Your customers, supporters and participants will be delighted that our fundraising products start at only $8.


Inexpensive gifts means that more of your supporters will consider making a donation to your cause.

Read on to learn what to look for when choosing the best fund raising company near you.

What are the Best Fundraising Ideas for Schools?

How do you know which is the right school fundraiser for your students?

We would like to help you because it could get confusing looking at all of the hundreds of school fundraising opportunities there are online.

We understand exactly how you feel because we talk with PTO parents, booster parents, and school teachers every day. They tell us about their worries, frustrations and fears about not choosing the right school fundraiser for children.

We have dozens of amazing fundraising products in which your group can earn up to a 52% profit on every sale.

Additionally, our gift and food catalogs work perfectly with the principles behind matching gifts and peertopeer fundraisers. Furthermore, they compliment shoe drives, car washes, garage sales and selling tickets to haunted houses also!

We want to help you raise more money. So we invite you to a free coaching call to find the perfect school fundraising idea just for your school.

Would you like to know what are some of the top school fundraisers that we have each year? You can learn more about our best school fund raisers here…

Easy fundraiser ideas for high schools and boosters

Our best fundraisers for high schools include fundraising merchandise that people love to buy and eat.

Think about the people you know that like to buy snacks like cookies, popcorn, trail mix and candy. This is the secret to winning the fundraising game in high school. Click here to learn more about some of our best fundraising ideas for high schools

Top Fundraisers for clubs

Do you have a high school club looking to raise funds? We have plenty of fundraising ideas to help school clubs and sports clubs raise the most money. Learn how our free fund raising kit is helping kids raise money for their favorite cause.

Good Preschool Fundraisers

Your daycare, child care, or preschool needs to raise money.

We have the best preschool fund raising ideas for you.

  • 1- Free fundraising kits
  • 2- Free Brochures
  • 3- Free shipping when you meet the minimum order
  • 4- Free coaching and training
  • 5- Free custom parent fundraising letters

Ready to see some of the best fundraising ideas we have for preschools? Then check it out for yourself…

Fundraising ideas for sports

Whether you are trying to raise money for cheerleaders, volleyball teams, basketball, soccer, football, etc., it doesn’t really matter because our fundraising ideas have been helping school sports programs and youth group sports teams raise money for over 50 years. This means we can help you too.

Best Fundraiser Ideas for Cheerleaders

Are you looking for ways to raise money for your cheerleaders and cheer squads? Every week we help cheer boosters select the best fundraising brochure for their team. We would like to help you also. Our fundraising catalogs can help you to reach your financial goals.

Feel free to read more about some of our best fund raising ideas for cheerleaders…

And be sure to use social media to tell your friends and family about your next fundraiser event!

Ideas for baseball teams

Whether you are looking for ways to raise money for youth softball or baseball teams, our fundraising program can make a difference for your sports team.

Sports teams just like yours are earning money by simply showing our beautiful brochures to coworkers, friends and family. It is a very simple sales process. Basically either people will buy something they like, or they won’t. Because many of our fundraising products are under $10 each, you will find people will be happy to support your little leaguers.

Finally, you can learn more about our best fund raising ideas for baseball teams here…

Tips for mission trips

Are you looking for ways to raise money for your church mission trip or youth group mission trips?

You are going to love our free fundraising catalog program. We provide you with all of the fundraising materials you need to succeed. We love working with church groups and youth groups that are trying to make a difference in the world.

Finally, you can learn more about our best ideas for mission trip fund raisers here.

Suggestions for animal shelter

Are you looking for ways to raise money for your animal shelter, Humane Society or pet shelter?

Your volunteers can raise money showing our free food fundraising brochures to their friends, family and neighbors. The food tastes great, and we stand 100% behind our products. This means you can feel good about selling these fundraising items to your customers.

Furthermore, you can learn more about our best fundraising ideas for animal shelters here…

Good food to sell for a fundraiser

Our most successful fundraisers include selling food. Many of our best food fundraisers retail at only seven dollars each.

Whether you want to sell gourmet popcorn, gourmet cookie dough, or gourmet coffee, our fundraising program can work for you. You can be earning up to a 50% profit on dozens of delicious food products.

Feel free to explore some of our best food fund raising items here.

Easy popcorn fundraiser challenge — Good ideas with ZERO overhead cost

Gourmet popcorn is a great way to raise money for schools, daycares and sports teams.

But how do you know which is the best popcorn fund raiser for your school?

  • Check reviews.
  • Make sure you do not have to pay money upfront.
  • Do they stand behind their products?
  • Will it be profitable for your school?

Additionally, please check out our creative fundraisers using popcorn.

You can learn more how to get the best popcorn fundraising ideas here.

Sell cookie dough—A great virtual fundraiser ZERO complexity

I don’t know about you, but I get hungry just thinking about cookie dough fundraisers.

Which is the right cookie dough fundraiser for your group?

Make sure to pick up a cookie dough fundraising company that answers their phone and emails. You want a fundraising company that has excellent customer service, don’t you? After all, you want someone to be there that’s going to support you when working with your customers, isn’t that so?

Finally, here are some more tips on how to choose the best cookie dough fund raiser…

Sell coffee for profit— A good fundraiser without any difficulty expected whatsoever!

Coffee fundraisers are a great way to raise money for your cause.

After all people love to drink coffee, don’t they? So, doesn’t it make sense to sell them something they are going to drink anyway?

But how do you know which coffee fundraiser is right for your school or youth group?

Answer these questions to reach your goals


  • Will it make me look good in the eyes of my peers?
  • Does it taste good?
  • What do their customers have to say about the coffee fundraising program?
  • Is it profitable?


Finally, you can get more tips on how to pick the best coffee fund raiser here…

Fun Snacks—A challenge with an amazing fundraising potential outcome

Our Snackin’ In the USA brochure has salty and sweet snacks available for every set of taste buds.

  • Retails for only $8 so everyone can afford to support your cause.
  • Can be held in person or be done virtual via our online brochures.
  • Your customer pays you for the products they want upfront. You pay us and we will ship them to you.
  • Your school, or non profit keeps the difference.
  • A good way to earn up to 50% profit on each sale with absolutely no risk to your organization.

Trail Mix Challenge— A healthy snack alternative with no overhead cost


Parents are looking for a healthier option for kid snacks. Our trail mix fundraising catalog may worthy of your considerations.

Turn this challenge into a fun contest and award prizes to the best producer or team.

Some parents worry about the difficulty level for younger children. You can relax because there is no complexity whatsoever.

Simply show the brochure to your customers in person or virtually. (Yes you can send a virtual brochure in the mail.) They pay you for the trail mix snacks they like and PRESTO! You are on your way to reaching your fundraising outcome!

What about your expected return? Since you have no out of pocket or overhead cost the expected fundraising potential is unlimited! The more you sell the more you make with this event. In fact, you can earn up to 50% profit on every sale with the support of your students, participants and volunteers.

So What is the Best Fundraiser Ideas for Your School or Team?

What is the best catalog fund raiser to choose?

Well, that depends. We have dozens of amazing catalog fundraising products to choose from. We stand behind all of them 100%. This means your customers will always be satisfied with our products, or we will make it right.

Finally, take a look and see for yourself the many fundraiser catalogs we have here at Find out which are the most popular fundraisers and catalogs among our customers.


In conclusion, we invite you to a free fundraising strategy session.

Let’s talk on the phone and find out what your school or youth group is raising money for. Tell us about what has worked for you and what has not worked for you.

Together we will pick out the best fundraising ideas for your school.

We look forward to your call.