Club Fundraisers Made Easy

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Learn How Easy Club Fundraising can Be

Jenna & Aaron just started a local book reading club at their school. They are excited about getting together with their friends every week to drink coffee & discuss their favorite books and authors.

But where will they get the money to buy the books for everyone?

Jenna said to the rest of the club members, “Where can we get some easy book club fundraising ideas?”

Immediately, they all opened their phones and tablets to search for the perfect book club fundraiser for their group. Just like you did.

Whether you meet at school, a local café, a library, or online in a chat room, via skype or a group video chat, these tips to raise money for your book club will be helpful. We know you will enjoy these profitable school club fundraisers.

What kind of book club do you have?

  • Single-title club?
  • Multi-title club?
  • Open loans?
  • Catch and release?
  • Library book club?
  • Online club?
  • Author led club?
  • Broadcast club?
  • Book reading club?

No matter the genre, whether it is adult fiction, romance, mystery or horror, our book club fundraisers can help you to buy your best sellers.

Our favorite school book club fundraising ideas

We hope you find our book reading club fundraiser ideas to be very helpful. We also invite you to check out these library fundraising ideas for some good tips too.

Each of these tips are a great way to pay for the books you want to read.

Interview an author fundraiser!

Imagine interviewing a famous author using youtube or google hangouts or facebook live. You can also start a podcast for your interviews. There are many authors that would love to have some free publicity.

First set up an Amazon affiliate program. This will allow you to get a commission on each sale. Next, either email a list of questions to the author or ask them to give you the questions they want to talk about. At the end of your video and podcast, have a link to buy his/her book on Amazon. You will earn a 6% commission on each book sale. They might even send you an autographed copy!

Joint venture with a local book store

Talk to the owners of a local mom and pop bookstore. Ask them if they would be willing to pay you a 10% commission for all of the business you bring them. Then print up fundraising fliers and talk it up at school as well as on social media.

Book swap fundraiser

Have everyone bring in their books and comic books to the book swap. Charge a $1.00 fee for every book exchange. Make sure you work hard at getting the word out.  You can  easily make $100-$150 with this idea.

Use our easy fundraising brochures to raise money for your book club

The ideas we shared so far will earn you anywhere from 6% – 10% profit on each sale. They are FUN to do and we encourage you to try them.

However, what if there was a way to earn 50% profit on each sale?

Our easy fundraising brochures are designed to help you raise the most money to buy books with. Imagine showing people a beautiful catalog with pictures of awesome things to eat like chocolate chip cookie dough, popcorn drizzled with chocolate or an amazing Cinnabons fundraiser! Others love our new Statement Makers jewelry fundraiser.

Many school clubs appreciate the following benefits of our easy catalog fundraisers:

  • No money upfront.
  • Risk free opportunity. So you pay from the money you collect up front.
  • You also get FREE brochures, envelopes and shipping on all qualifying orders.
  • Finally, you get FREE coaching to help your book reading club succeed.

Is this also going to work for our Book Club?


PLUS it is easy.

Really easy.

We have broken this down to 5 simple steps that will ensure your success. Of course, the amount of money your book group earns is up to how much you can sell. However, we have tons of SUCCESS stories to show you what is possible.

Furthermore, you get a personal coach to help you every step of the way. It is going to be fun because we are here to support you with all of our best book club fundraising ideas.

Why not give us a try? It is risk free. Give us a call now to learn how we can help your school book reading club.

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