Easy Fundraising 101: Simple Ways to Engage and Encourage Sponsors to Support Your Cause

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Fundraising 101: Key to Successful Fundraising

It seems so overwhelming. Budgets, fundraising goals, committee leadership and marketing. There’s so much that goes into preparing for and executing a successful fundraiser for kids. However, it doesn’t have to overwhelm you though. Why? Because we have the answers. Welcome to Fundraising 101.

  • So, what is your fundraiser for?
  • How much money do you need to make your mark?

Once you iron out the pertinent details, everything else can fall easily into place. With a great plan, a dedicated team, and some easy fundraising ideas, you can meet your goals.

What is easy is not always what is Right (But sometimes it is)

Work smart, not hard. Your team doesn’t have to create a fundraiser from scratch by purchasing, packaging, and preparing supplies ahead of time. This is because there are proven fundraising resources with simple directions to follow that are available to you.

There’s no need to brainstorm for hours over which product you should sell. This is because our “tried and true” selection of brochure fundraiser items make that easy for you. What we do is take the guess work out of the process, delivering results without the lengthy planning and preparation.

Keep in mind, you want as much information up front as possible when deciding which fundraising program to use. So, here are some standard fundraising 101 questions to ask when deciding which option will work best for your organization:

  • Does your fundraiser have a required minimum amount of sales that need to be made? This question is important because you want to make sure you have the right amount of manpower to make your fundraiser successful.
  • How much does shipping cost? This is important because you want to make sure sponsors know if they must pay for shipping, or even if you have to cover it.
  • What’s the split? Our easy fundraisers offer increased profit margins based on increased sales. Many of our customers earn up to 52% profit for their group.
  • Are orders delivered directly to those who order? Or will they be shipped to my organization for distribution? This is important because your leading sponsors want to know when to expect their orders to arrive.

Additional Fundraising 101 Ideas

The answers to these questions will give both you and your customers the comfort and understanding to get excited about your fundraiser. Do you want some help choosing the right option for your group? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  You can contact us by phone at 800.645.6550, 9-5, EST.  You can also reach us by email at: sales@fundraisingzone.com

Easy Fundraising Ideas that are Safe and Profitable – a Few Top Choices

If you can talk, walk, and write a little, you don’t need anything else. We offer some of the best holiday shopping around:

  • Gourmet popcorn.
  • Soft pretzel kits.
  • Sweet and sticky Cinnabon kits.

Your customers will gladly give a donation exchange for these tasty treats. The good news is that every easy fundraising option you need is just a phone call away.

Easy & Profitable Fundraising Brochures

  1. Gourmet Goodness Fundraising: This fundraiser offers the best of everything- funnel cake mix, brownie mix, “Old Bay” seasoned peanuts, and so much more to choose from.
  2. Snackin in the USA: Our top seller is another “best of all worlds” option that excites people of all ages. Mom’s Apple Pie Mix, Butter Toffee Peanuts, salsa-flavored trail mix, tropical fruit trail mix, and other traditional snacks that satisfy a sweet tooth.
  3. Smart Snacks Fundraising: What’s so great about this fundraiser is that it falls within the guidelines of most school and state regulations for what constitutes healthy snacks. It’s chocolate free, and is highlighted by Mom’s Apple Pie Mix, which includes honey cinnamon peanuts, walnuts, raisins, and dried apple pieces. Your school, booster club, gymnastics team, prom committee, PTO, football team or any other non-profit youth group should consider the smart and healthy option of our Smart Snacks brochure.
  4. Cookie Dough Fundraising: Year after year, schools and other non-profit youth organizations choose this fundraiser for its high returns and popularity with participants. The flavors are some of the most popular around and with $8 profit on each tub, you’re sure to reach your goals with this easy fundraiser.

Q. If it’s So Easy, Why So Much Work?
A. It does not have to be difficult – spreading the word is the key to Fundraising Success

What’s so great about these easy brochure fundraising ideas is how little work is involved. Once you get started, it becomes a fun process of engaging your organization, its members, and the community at large. The ordering process is so simple, a child could do it! With our easy catalog fundraisers, all you have to do is pencil in orders and collect payments.


  • Door to Door: This is the most popular way to ask for donations because it’s so easy. Your sponsors ask that the fundraisers not be too pushy, but explain your mission and offer in detail.
  • Social Media: hashtags are more than just catchy phrases that you add to Twitter and Instagram. They are campaign generators and measuring tools that can help you promote your fundraiser and measure the success of your reach online.
  • Email: 33% of all online revenue for fundraisers is a direct result of email marketing. If your organization already has an email list it’s been compiling over the years, creating scheduled blasts can help you promote and raise money for your cause.


Your organization can have 12 members or 1200 – it makes no difference. Utilizing these accessible avenues for promoting and raising funds for your cause will help you reach your goal faster. Just telling people about yourself and asking them to Like your page isn’t enough. Remember that engaging your audience in humorous, genuine ways that cultivate long-term relationships encourages  a strengthened commitment to your organization.

Our organization has a reputation with our clients for providing the best in customer service, quality, and experience for all of their fundraising needs. Providing quality product is not all we do- we are a full-service provider that offers:

Fundraising Toolbox

  • A client toolbox with parent letters in English and Spanish, reconciliation forms for expedited orders, credit release form, sign up contract form, and a fundraising checklist.
  • Free samples of products for the brochure of your organization’s interest.
  • Some of the best profit percentages available.


A satisfied client recently stated…

One of our top clients recently stated, “It is a pleasure dealing with a company as experienced in the fundraising business as Tracy Hamilton. The products came quickly and in perfect condition. I will definitely use Tracy Hamilton again for all of my fundraising needs.”

The most important lesson of fundraising 101 is to allow us to be your teacher. We are proud of what we do. Reach out to us for all of your easy fundraising needs at (800) 685-6550.