Put the “FUN” in Fundraising: Kids Fundraising Ideas That Make a Difference



Kids fundraising ideas

Looking for some fun kids fundraising ideas? Many kid’s groups like yours, are tasked with providing a fun, educational environment that children can enjoy themselves in. Often times, these groups receive private and public funding that helps with their basic needs such as food and daily activity supplies. However, others do not receive any help at all. Furthermore, there are many other special initiatives that these groups may need funding for that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Enrichment programs: swimming, hiking, camping, field trips
  • Special events: plays, field day, banquets, performances
  • Equipment: sports, including supplies and competitions, music. Our easy team fundraiser program can help you reach your goals.

Why are fundraisers so important to kids? It is because they teach kids the importance of communicating with others, setting goals, teamwork, and the value of resources like time and money. Additionally, finding easy fundraising ideas for kids can make the experience much more enjoyable for them and their parents, and in turn, more successful for the organization as a whole.

How Can Kids Raise Money? Try these kids fundraising ideas…

There’s nothing you can’t teach when you add the key ingredient of entertainment, and that same idea applies to teaching kids about fundraising. They love to have fun, so the best thing you can do for them and your fundraiser is to make your initiatives engaging and worthwhile. However, some of the best ways to retain their attention may surprise you. The best way is to help them understand their individual contribution and importance of their efforts.

Young people like to feel that they are contributing and helping out a cause they believe in. So, picking the right fundraising idea for kids can help them to learn about working together towards a common goal. You can also help them to enjoy feeling good about making a difference in others lives. This works for all kinds of youth groups including sports teams and school church groups too.

Try these kid friendly fundraising tips

  • Do a training session. Have the kids practice talking to each other about your fundraiser and the offers you’re proposing, and encourage them to smile and be themselves. Teach them to explain why you are having a school fundraiser, youth group or a nonprofit fundraiser. These ideas for kids also work because rarely can anyone resist a request from a smiling child.
  • Create a competition. Make the fundraiser into a fun competition where everyone wins a prize of some kind, but those who excel in sales and outreach receive a special prize for their hard work. This works whether you are selling scratch cards, gourmet popcorn, frozen cookie dough or collecting cereal box tops.
  • Keep track of where you are. Post a graph, thermometer, or any kind of visual aide to show the children that their hard work is paying off in real time. This will encourage them to stay on track with their fundraising goals. It works because it is a visible reminder of how close you are to reaching your goals.

Fundraisingzone.com Loves the Kids

Fundraisingzone.com offers the best in easy fundraisers for kids and church youth. We have options that are fun, healthy, and tasty all at the same time. The following are among our bestsellers, and the children should have a great time selling these to friends, family, and the community.

Smart Snacks Fundraising Catalog

This fundraiser hosts the healthiest snacks available in our repertoire, and it’s growing in popularity all over. With low caloric index, high mineral and nutrient content, these snacks are great for the health-conscious audience that wants to steer away from high sugar and sodium-rich snacks. Some of the top sellers are Hawaiian Delight, which includes dried banana, pineapple, coconut, and papaya, Salsa Mix, and Mom’s Apple Pie Mix, which has honey cinnamon peanuts, walnuts, raisins, and dried apple pieces.

$10 Cookie Dough Brochure Fundraiser

Year after year, organizations choose this fundraiser for its high returns and popularity with participants. The flavors are some of the most popular around and with up to 50% profit on each tub, you’re sure to reach your goals with this easy fundraiser. The flavors include snickerdoodle, white chocolate macadamia, triple chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and chunky chocolate chip.

Simply Spring Catalog Fundraiser

Everything you need to gear up for spring is available in our Simply Spring Catalog Fundraiser. Outdoor living and grilling items, healthy living and kitchen tools, chocolates and treats, and fun stuff for the kids are all here! Hot dog griller, steak house burger press for your stuffed burgers, herb seeds, flower bulb fundraising, and so much more are all warm weather treats perfect to start offering for some springtime fun.

Coffee fundraising

Our Wicked Awesome online coffee fundraiser is a winner for all kinds of youth sports clubs or youth group church fundraising events. Your friends and family drink coffee every day. So, why not sell coffee? Your kids group earns 45% on every sale. This is an easy kids fundraiser to try.

Additional Successful Kids fundraisers

  • Car wash fundraiser. One of the oldest and time tested and easiest fundraisers for kids is a good ole fashioned car wash. It probably will not raise the kind of money a brochure fundraiser will, but you’ll have some laughs and raise a few bucks.
  • Scavenger hunt: Ask local businesses if they would like to contribute a product or service to your fundraiser. You can use this as a prize, but hide the items for the kids to find. The winner can win the scavenger hunt grand prize. You can charge a small entrance fee.
  • Bake sales: This is a great fundraising idea for kids because everyone loves to eat home made goodies. Moms can donate the baked goods and your youth group gets to keep the profits.
  • Local restaurants: Local restaurants are looking for new customers. Why not hand deliver them customers with a dinner night fundraiser. believe it or not, they will be happy to pay you a portion of the proceeds.
  • Additional kids fundraisers include: Silent auctions, cupcake wars, selling chocolate bars, lollipop fundraisers, selling tickets to a haunted house, holding a chili cook off, or even shoe drive fundraisers to help those less fortunate.

How We Can Help You Reach Your Goals

We provide you with a level of backing and support that can’t be found with any other provider. Our clients receive a culmination of 50 years of experience with knowledge of the business, valuable information to prepare you for success, and resources that you can use to keep your kids focused on meeting and exceeding fundraising goals.

  • Free email and texting app to boost online sales. We have revolutionized the fundraising industry by including a free email and texting application. It allows you to promote your fundraiser in automated ways to your potential sponsors. So please take advantage of our fundraising platforms technology and its benefits. Use them to spread the word to have a successful fundraiser for the kids.
  • Free delivery for your order: All gift catalog brochure orders valued at $2,500 or more are shipped free of charge.
  • Free customized parent letters and order sheets in English and Spanish: In order to better serve you, we have developed our helpful “Client Toolbox” page which allows you to print or download important forms and information with respect to your upcoming or current catalog fundraiser with our company.

In conclusion, we want to help you with your all of your future kid fundraisers. First of all, we offer a free strategy session to see how we can be of assistance to you. Additionally, during our strategy call we will share some of our best kid fundraising ideas with you. Finally, we promise you to help your youth group raise the most money.

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