Learn About Top Selling Brochure Fundraising For Kids

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Learn About Fundraising

Fund raising ideas provided by Tracy Hamilton Inc. / The Fundraisingzone.com enable a whole host of non-profit organizations the opportunity to raise much needed funds to pay for their needs. Our brochure fundraising solutions are great for schools, non profit groups, school teams, youth leagues, cheerleading squads, school groups such as boosters, church youth groups and any other non profit group wanting to know how to raise money for kids.

Our fundraising solutions come a large variety of choices.  We have worked with over 12,500 non-profit groups through the years and our products have help these schools and organizations raise tens of millions of dollars.

Our fund raising solutions also include imprinted products such as T-shirts, seat cushions, sweatshirts and other imprinted merchandise.

Brochure fundraising Ideas – 100% Risk Free

Cookie Dough Fundraising
This delicious “brochure fundraiser” is easy to sell and tastes amazing. Groups and teams throughout the country sell cookie dough and you can too. It’s very easy to sell a whole lot of cookie dough in a very short time…!

Fundraisingzone.com offers a wide variety of product fundraising solutions. If our fundraising recommendations are not suitable for your specific groups’ needs then please visit either our “Brochure Fundraising” section to view our complete line. You can also send us an email with your request for something you don’t see at our site.

We can teach you about “Top Selling brochure fundraising ideas and how best to go about it.

 When you first start anything you must have a plan – fundraising is no different; take your time

 We have been in business for over fifty years – you can trust us

 Choose a brochure that makes sense for your group

 Make attainable goals, some companies say you can make $5,000 with 50 kids; offers lke that are generally unattainable. Be honest with your goals.

 Running a fundraiser is a big job, you will probably need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it.