Best Preschool Fundraising Ideas

Preschool Fundraising

 Find the Best Ways To Help Your Preschool Program

Are you looking for some preschool fundraisers to try? It is easy to be overwhelmed with the conflicting advice given out there on the internet. The last thing you want to do is to make a mistake or pick the wrong one. After all, you want the best kids program for your kids, don’t you? Our preschool fund raising ideas can make a difference.

Parents and teachers alike are looking for ways to raise money for their early childhood educational programs. Whether you are looking to raise money for supplies, field trips, or playground equipment then we would like to help you. We hope you find these tips and suggestions to raise funds for children helpful.

You probably have lots of questions though, don’t you?

FAQ for Our Top Tips and Suggestions

If this is the first time you are running an event then you are probably wondering about questions like these:


1- What are the best ways to raise cash for your kids program?

So what is the best preschool fundraiser for your school?

That depends on what your schools goals are.

  • Why are you having a campaign?
  • How much money are you looking to raise for your school?
  • When are you hoping to get started?

During your free phone consultation, an expert will get to understand your centers needs, desires, hopes and dreams. Then and only then will they help you pick the best program for your pre-school. We promise you will feel that our time together will make this one of the most productive events you ever had.


2- How do we know which catalog to choose?

When you call our free 1-800 number you get to talk to an expert. The phone consultation is 100% free without any obligation on your part. They will answer all of your questions.

By the way, this is not a veiled sales pitch. Instead you will get our best events, programs and tips. Together we will find the perfect brochure for your preschool from the dozens of products we represent.

Simply put, you don’t have to figure this out on your own.

Does that make sense?

3- What is the most popular brochure?

snackin in usa brochure is one of our best fundraising ideas

One of our top youth small group programs is the “Snackin In The USA” brochure. This is one the top 5 popular brochures every year. What makes these gourmet snacks one of our top fundraising ideas for school?

  • Only a $8 retail sale. So almost everyone can afford to support your cause.
  • Your kids earn up to 50% profit on every sale.
  • Salty and sweet treats to satisfy every customer.
  • Free prize incentive program!


4- How much can we earn?

The amount of money you make is up to you. Our program works on a sliding sales commission. This means that the more items your group sells, the higher profit margin your school earns. For example, the best performing schools earn up to 50% profit. Would you like to earn a BONUS 2% profit on top of that? Simply, ask one of our experts how during your consultation.

get your free kit to help you raise funds for child educational programs.

5- Do we have to buy merchandise before we begin?

You are going to love this! Our facility owners and managers clients are THRILLED that they don’t have to buy merchandise before they sell it. The facts are that our competition charges for the catalog merchandise UP FRONT. On the other hand, when you work with you get everything you need to get started for free.

  • FREE brochures and envelopes.
  • Free training
  • Ask how to get FREE shipping too!

Once you sell some merchandise, then simply collect payment from your clients. Furthermore, you can pay us from the money you collect. This makes our program 100% risk free for your school  board. Finally, we will ship you the products for you to deliver to your customers.

6- How do we get the other parents involved?

We will provide you with free customized parent letters. Simply send these home with the children.

BONUS TIP: Tell your parents the reason WHY you are raising money. We find that moms and dads are more likely to support the fundraising event if they know how it will benefit their child. Does that make sense?


7- How do I explain this to my PTA?

The key to explaining this to the board of directors is highlighting the benefits of the brochure program.

  • National known brands.
  • A proven fundraising model to follow.
  • 100% risk free program that protects the PTA.
  • Use our free event planning guide.
  • Just hop on the phone to do a group call with one of our experts.

And yes… These are ways for small preschools to raise money. However, they will work for any size child care center.

8- Additional events to try

Here are a few more tips for early childcare development facilities to use this year.

Karaoke night

Make a deal with a local restaurant that has a back room. Make a deal for a percentage of all food and drink sales. Bring your karaoke machine and let the fun begin. Be sure to advertise on social media sites like facebook and instagram.

Spring HOME Catalog is a great choice!Spring Time Events

Imagine selling flower seeds and bulbs that pay your school up to 50% profit on every sale. Each catalog additionally offers other items like gifts, kitchen appliances and candy too! You will love these spring fund raiser tips.

Preschool Fundraising Ideas Using Gummy Bears

Kids love to eat Gummy Bears don’t they? You might as well earn some money since they are going to buy them anyway! At only $8 per sale your preschool can earn up to $4.00 per sale. Learn more about the Gummi bear program for preschoolers.

Art based themes

This is a fun way to raise money tapping into the artistic side of your students. We think you will enjoy these creative preschool art fund raising tips to raise money for your cause.

10 dollar cookie dough brochureFrozen cookie dough

Who can resist the smell of fresh baked cookies? Your school earns up to $5.00 on every $10 sale. Each cookie dough tub is full of 2lb of fresh delicious cookie dough. You can learn about our frozen cookie dough fund raisers here.

How To Get Your Complimentary Consultation?

We invite you to set up your very own consultation. There is no obligation on your part. This is simply an opportunity for a friendly specialist to take the time to answer all of your questions to your satisfaction. Together, you will discuss your goals, objectives and concerns for your school and students.

It comes down to this…

If you don’t feel comfortable with the fund raising company, then you will not have the successful event you are looking for.

What Can You Expect From Our Program Support?

If it makes sense to you, then your consultant will help you choose the right brochure for your preschool. Whether you choose cookie dough tubs, gourmet pop corn or gift wrapping paper your customers will love the premium products that we offer.

First of all, your consultant will mail your brochures to you. They will also customize a parent letter you can send home with the children to make your job easier.

Your students will collect orders and the payments in advance. Next, you will send your orders in and pay for them with the money you collected. This means you never have to spend any money out of pocket. Your preschool keeps the difference. Depending on how much you sold it could be up to 52% in profit.

Finally, we ship you your merchandise for you to hand out to your customers. We aim for 100% satisfaction so that you are so TICKLED with the results, that we do it again next year.

How about giving is a try because it only takes a phone call to start the conversation?  Our hope is that you will give our preschool fundraiser ideas a fair chance.

Call to learn more

Whether you have NAEYE accreditation or not, we can help you. As the cost of early childhood education increases, your school will need to raise money for the resources you require for your students. Our free programs allow the families in your community to help. We provide quality food products that parents like at an affordable cost. Free shipping is available to those that qualify. The fundraising potential is quite exciting. Lets work together. 

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Are you worried about these common questions for your next campaign?

Find the answers to questions like these…

What kind of candy fund raisers do we have? Are there any healthy snack fund raisers? Won’t this be expensive to sell? Do we have to pay to join? How much money can we make?


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