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Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas For Teams 1

Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas For Teams

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Holiday Gift Wrap Fundraisers

Holiday Gift Wrap Fundraisers For Sports Teams

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Peanut Brittle Fundraisers

Peanut Brittle Fundraisers For School Sports Teams

If your local school sports team is looking for an easy way to raise money, listen closely. Our peanut brittle fundraisers may be exactly what you are looking for. Whether you have a youth baseball, football, softball, basketball team it doesn't matter. Because our peanut brittle fundraising ideas work for all kinds of youth sports teams. Read More...

Youth Football 20590405 s

Junior Football Club Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising ideas for junior football clubs - we have profitable answers. Our line of fundraising ideas for junior football are profitable, risk free and we have twelve great catalogs to choose from. Junior football clubs need funds for special practice, pay to play costs, travel, special youth football camps and many other costs. Our catalogs offer candy, gift wrap, gifts, cookie dough and much more - profits up to 52%. Read More...

GAA Sports 26087347 s

GAA Fundraising Ideas

GAA is short for Gaelic Athletic Association which supports Gaelic is an International organization which promotes and supports cultural based sports at the ammeter level. It helps promote Gaelic games such as hurling, rounders Gaelic football and other such activities. Read More...

Popular Football Fundraisers

Learn About Popular Football Fundraisers

Youth football in the United States is one of the most enjoyable sports to be involved in. Many of the young football players are in high school or middle school - and they all need funds to help pay for youth football trips, special events, youth football training and many other youth football costs. We have many popular football fundraisers to help your team or league raise money. Read More...

Girl’s Lacrosse Fundraising Ideas

Girl’s Lacrosse Fundraising Ideas

"Girl’s Lacrosse Fundraising Ideas" - We have the answers to your questions about how to raise money for your lacrosse team. We offer 12 different brochure fundraising catalogs to help you raise 100% risk free funds. We have 50 years of experience working with non-profit groups and sports teams. Read More...

Easy Lacrosse Fundraising Ideas

Easy Lacrosse Fundraisers

Looking for some easy lacrosse fundraising ideas? The USA Lacrosse website tells us that they have 68 chapters in 45 states & more than 450,000 youth members nationwide. So this means high school lacrosse players all over the country are looking for ways to raise money. Read More...

bigstock Parents playing with children 66812230

Bowling Fundraising

Fundraisingzone.com provides bowling teams the opportunity to raise the funds they need for both leisure and skillful play. Team uniforms, registration fees, new bowling shoes- no matter what you need, we’re ready to coach you through a successful fundraiser to reach your goals. Read More...

Best fundraising ideas for your sports team

10 Team Fundraising Ideas that Work for Any Sport

The first time knocked around a soccer ball, I fell in love. Not with the ball, but with the kick - I ran around the field for hours. I was trying to keep the ball in my line of sight and make perfect contact between it and my foot. Learning the value of team sports came next - then finally came the need for sports fundraising... Read More...


Lacrosse Fundraising

Do you have a school lacrosse program to support? If so, no doubt you have your hands full. In most parts of the country it doesn’t have the same high profile as other sports, so before you can ask people for a donation you probably find yourself in the position of having to explain what lacrosse is. Read More...


Swim team fundraising ideas

Swim teams can hold fundraising events to help keep the pool in shape, for swimming equipment such as flippers, and to raise money and awareness about a certain cause. These events include swim-a-thons, swim lessons, penny drives, dinners, raffles and catalog fundraising sales. Read More...

Team Fundraising Ideas Work Year Round For All Youth Athletics

Team Fundraising Ideas That Work Year Round

Working together as a team is important both on the field or off. Pulling together a successful team fundraiser takes as much effort to reach your goals as it takes to win a game, so make sure everyone is ready for the challenge, it's critical. Read More...

Commonly asked questions about our easy sports fundraising articles and programs

Why is fundraising important for teams?

So why do sports teams need to raise money?

The facts are that most school districts have severely cut sports program funding. So where does that leave middle school and high school sports teams?

Unfortunately, that leaves them high and dry as the saying goes. This means it’s up to parents, students, and booster clubs to raise the money the sports team need to compete. Otherwise how will school teams pay for sports equipment, uniforms, field maintenance, trophies and awards, tournament fees, and any travel expenses required for competition games?

Sports team booster clubs can fill the need left by sports budget cuts. This website is filled with scores of fundraiser ideas for sports teams just like yours. We hope you find exactly what you were looking for.

What are the challenges of fundraising for sports?

There are many challenges when it comes to sports fundraising.

Here are just a few to start:

  1. What kind of sports fundraiser are you going to do this year? You can find plenty of ideas right here on fundraising zone. From fun one of a kind events to delicious snacks and gift wrap, you’ll find everything you need here.
  2. So will we try to figure this out on our own? Or will we look to use a simple proven method to raise money for our school or local team? Ideas are a dime a dozen. What you want is an easy to follow sports fundraiser process. This way you can raise the money you need without the headaches that come from trying to figure fundraising out on your own.
  3. Do we also have enough volunteers to help? The quantity and quality of your volunteers can make a huge difference in how much money you make for your team. For instance, many school teams sell snacks to raise money. Teams and leagues that work with fundraising zone receive free brochures for every player on the team. Each team player can then show their snack brochure to their friends and family. So simply put, the more volunteers you have, the more snacks they’re going to sell. This in turn means you will make more money.

Here are 2 more tips…

  1. Do we also have the leadership we need? Just as a baseball team needs a coach, a school team fundraiser needs parents and teachers that are willing to take the lead. Leadership can make the difference between everyone on the team participating or not. Furthermore, good leader- ship can make the difference between whether you reach your fund raising goal or not.
  2. Finally, how much money do we need to raise for our team? The more money you need to raise, the more planning is required. Some team booster clubs schedule several fundraisers throughout the year to ensure they raise the money they need for the kids.

How can I raise money for a sports trip?

Here are a few tips on how to raise money for your sports trip:

  1. How much money do you need to raise for your trip?
  2. Additionally, go to our fundraising catalog page and peruse the many different ways to raise money for your sports team.
  3. You can also talk to Chris or Joe at fundraisingzone.com and they will help you pick the best fundraising program for your team.
  4. Furthermore, train your volunteers on what to say and how to say it.
  5. Finally, show your friends, family and coworkers your fundraising catalogs. Tell them how they can help your kids succeed.

How do you fundraise youth sports?

Fundraising definitely takes a team approach. When you work together as a team you can get so much more fundraising done than working by yourself. 

  1. Set a fundraiser goal for your team.
  2. Set up a fund raising calendar for the year. Fundraising Zone has fund raiser ideas for every season of the year. You can find events for the summer, spring, winter and fall.
  3. Spread the word. It is very important to use advertising, marketing and good old fashioned word of mouth to tell the world about your next school fundraiser event.

What are good fundraiser ideas for sports?

Here are some good sports fundraiser ideas to try this year:

  1. First of all, ask for out right donations. Some people would rather donate cash then buy something from you. So remember to always give them a choice if they do not want to support your catalog fundraiser.
  2. Furthermore, remember to look for local sponsors for your team. There are also many local businesses that will be willing to sponsor your sports team. 
  3. Additionally, sell advertising. You can sell advertisements to local business owners. Some ideas include banners, T-shirts, newsletters and website adverts.
  4. Finally, washing cars is a great way to raise some cash for the team. Its great exercise and can also raise a few hundred dollars on a busy Saturday morning.

Here are 3 more tips…

  1. BBQ blowout! Everyone loves good barbecue. Why not get your best BBQ recipes and hold a shindig. You can either make it a picnic event with fun games and activities, or just set up a stand outside of Walmart and Sam’s and sell to the customers walking in and out of the store. They will not be able to resist the aroma!
  2. Sell team T-shirts. Collect payment up front using an online order form. Deliver the tee shirts after you have them made. Your team gets to keep the difference between the retail price and the cost to make your team shirts.
  3. Sell ice cream cones. This can be done at any public parking lot if you get permission beforehand. This is a perfect fundraiser for a hot summer day!

How do basketball teams raise money?

Basket ball teams can earn money in many different ways:

  • “Hoops for a Cause” game. Just fill in your cause and raise money playing B-ball.
  • Additionally, Teachers Vs. students basket ball fundraising games are lots of fun. 
  • Furthermore, you can hold basket ball lessons. Have your star players teach younger kids some of the passing, dribbling and shooting drills to help them improve their game.
  • Finally, sell snacks using any of our delicious food fundraising catalogs.

What are the most profitable fundraisers for sports teams?

We believe the most profitable fundraisers are the ones that sports teams can earn the most money with.

For instance, while many fundraising companies will be happy to pay you 10% on what you sell, Fundraising Zone offers up to a 50% profit on every sale you make. For example, that would mean earning up to $4.00 on every bag of $8.00 gourmet popcorn you sell. Some schools earn thousands of dollars every year.

Of course, we can’t promise you will make this much money. This is because it depends on your volunteers and their persistence. However, you get as much free coaching as you will need to succeed.

Additionally, we believe the secret is to sell things people love and are going to buy anyway. So when you sell tasty snacks and treats for under $10, you have a sure fire winner!

How can I fundraise a lot of money fast?

Most fundraisers require time and planning. However, if your team needed to raise money in a pinch, then we would suggest the following:

  • Ask for outright donations.
  • Hold a car wash.
  • Do a garage sale.

You can start making money with any of these as early as this weekend. 

How do softball teams raise money?

Softball teams raise money just like any other sports league or team. It takes planning and teamwork, but your softball players can pull it off.

Some school softball teams have raised money by:

  • Home run derbies.
  • Softball tournaments.
  • Softball fundraiser games.
  • Get local businesses to donate money for every home run you hit during the regular season in exchange for free advertising during the game.
  • Finally, school teams that play softball have made money selling gift wrap and gifts with our winter wonderland catalog.

How do I write a fundraising letter for our sports team?

Here are some tips you can implement while writing your sports team fundraiser letter.

  • Get a list together of people you can write to. This includes parents, family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. Reach out to local businesses too.
  • Give the big reason why you are raising cash for your team. People want to understand why you need the money and how you plan on using it.
  • Tell them why their help is needed.
  • Help them to feel good about helping your school team. How will their donation affect your students?
  • Explain your fundraising event.
  • Finally, tell them what you need them to do next.
  • Thank them for their support in advance.

How do you ask someone for donations for your team?

It’s easy. You just ask them!

  • However, if you want to succeed, you need to come up with a script that works. 
  • Additionally, your school team will need to practice it.
  • Furthermore, you will need to train everyone else.
  • Finally, you can use some of the very same tips suggested for writing a fundraiser letter.

What companies will donate for fundraisers?

There are many local companies in your community that would be happy to donate to your team. Some will donate cash, others may offer resources, supplies or materials you may need.

For instance, a landscaping company may offer to help repair a damaged ball field after a bad storm. This would cost thousands of dollars you currently do not have.  Finally, others may donate their time to help you behind the scenes. 

  • Start with the immediate families of the kids on your team.
  • Branch out to the extended family, neighbors etc.
  • Remember to call on former alumni that went to your school or even played on your very team!
  • Finally, talk to local business owners in your neighborhood. Most are decent folks that will be happy to help you.

What are the best fundraising ideas for teams?

Based on 50 years in this business we would have to say the best fundraisers year after year have been the:

  1. Winter Wonderland Brochure
  2. Snackin’ in the USA catalog.
  3. $8 popcorn fundraiser

Traditionally, these are the most popular with schools and teams all over the country.

When ever you are ready, please reach out to us to ask your questions. Our sports fundraising experts would love to help you reach your goals this year!