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Gymnastics fundraiser ideas in South Carolina – Olympic Gymnast Clinic & Lunch

Gymnastics fundraiser ideas in South Carolina – Olympic Gymnast Clinic & Lunch

What do you get when you combine some young South Carolina gymnasts with an Olympic gold winner?

You get some gymnastics fundraiser ideas that raise $40,000 to fight breast cancer.

Here is what happened:

After a local gymnastics coach, Pam Mobley, passed away from breast cancer, the young gymnasts wanted to find a way to celebrate her life and help the fight against this disease.

For the last 16 weeks the girls raised money for the Susan G. Komen organization and the family of the late Coach Pam Mobley. The gymnastics fundraising event culminated in the visit of Laurie Hernandez, who won gold as one of Team USA’s famous “Final Five” at the 2016 Olympics, and an individual silver medal on the balance beam.

Lucas Sports and Carolina Gymnastics sponsored the fundraiser. To make things exciting for the girls, rewards were given to the top fundraisers. One of the prizes was having lunch with Laurie and a autographed copy of her book.

Laurie Hamilton, who by the way also won the TV competition Dancing with the Stars, conducted a clinic for all the young gymnasts. She also shared stories from her Olympic experiences, Dancing with the Stars, & appearances on Sesame Street, the Disney Channel & the show “Stuck in the Middle”.

As you can imagine those little gymnasts worked hard for this fundraising event.

What lessons can you learn from this SC gymnastic fundraising idea?

First of all we see the power of using contests and incentives to get your gymnasts excited about the event. What better way to do this then to get a past Olympic gymnast winner to help out?

Think back to past Olympic gymnasts. Many of them are no longer in the limelight and would welcome the opportunity to help inspire young people.

What if you can’t get a gymnast? Any local celebrity could work. Local celebrities may be willing to help to get the good PR associated with a charity event.

Prize programs also work. Here are a few prize incentive ideas for your next event.

If there is anything we can do to help you with your next gymnast fundraising event,  please feel free to contact us.

Our cookie dough tub fundraisers and magazine fundraisers have helped many gymnastics programs raise money in the past.

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