Best Way To Raise Funds For Your School Marching Band

Best Way To Raise Funds For Your School Marching Band

If you are looking for ways to pay for band uniforms, instruments or travel expenses for marching band competitions you have come to the right place. Here are fundraising zone we love helping schools raise money for school music programs like band and orchestra. However, there are many ways to raise money for school today. So, that raises the question… What is the best way to raise funds for your school marching band? And what are the best school marching band fundraising ideas?

If you are a student band member, or a parent in a booster club you are rightfully concerned about choosing the best marching band fundraiser for your school. First of all, There are many fundraising companies out there. Additionally, there are many ideas on how to raise money for your marching band on-line. We know you want to make the best choice for your school. This can cause stress because nobody wants to make a mistake, do they? Trying new things can seem intimidating. You are not alone. Most people are nervous about trying new things.

However, at the same time that thinking causes us a problem. For example, perhaps you do a car wash fundraiser every year. That is all well and good. However, it’s not going to raise all the money you need for your school band. So what is the best way to raise money for your marching band?

Successful marching band fundraisers

Every school is different. Each one has a different reason for fundraising. However, everyone has this one thing in common. You want to choose something that has a proven track record. Doesn’t it make sense to select a marching band fundraising idea that has worked for other schools just like yours? That is why we wanted to share these successful marching band fundraising ideas with you. They can be used to raise money for a band trip. They are also helpful in paying for band uniforms. Additionally, if it will help you to find companies that donate to March bands.

What are our favorite marching band fundraising ideas?

Fundraising catalogs the best way to raise funds for your school marching band

What if there were a way to sell items that your friends and family love to buy every week? This is the trick to finding easy marching band fundraiser ideas.

That would certainly make the perfect fundraiser, would it not? Because, if your friends and family or buying these items in anyway… They might as well buy them from you and support your school marching band. Don’t you agree?

Just suppose you could sell things like cookie dough, coffee, popcorn, and gift wrap. All of these are items that people buy every day. Just suppose, you had a beautiful brochure showed pictures of all the varieties of flavors and styles that people could choose from. Furthermore, imagine that your school marching band earned up to 50% profit on every sale. That would mean your school earned up to $5 for every $10 donated towards our fundraising merchandise. Best of all, imagine all of this was free for your school. In other words you would have no up front costs or any risk whatsoever.

Does this get you a little curious?

That is exactly how our marching band fundraising ideas work. We will help you to choose the perfect fundraising catalog to help your school raise the most money for you marching band. You also get a marching band fundraising checklist. Additionally, we will send you as many brochures as you need it for free. Furthermore, we provide free phone coaching to make sure that your fundraiser is a smashing success. In fact, we offer free fundraising strategy session 100% risk-free without any strings attached. If you are curious about learning more of our marching band fundraisers then feel free to order your complimentary marching band fund raising kit. Finally, we invite you to call us to ask any questions that you may have. We promise to share with you our best ways to raise funds for your school marching band.

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