high school marching band fundraising ideas

High school marching band fundraising ideas in the news

Here are some of the top high school marching band fundraising ideas we came across in the news this week.

See how many of them you may be able to use to raise money for your school band. We hope these easy fundraising ideas will get your brainstorming juices going.

Band camp and band tailgating fundraisers

The Patrick Henry high school band is raising money for transportation costs for an upcoming tournament.

They will be having a band camp this summer where students can learn what band is like for themselves. Furthermore, they will be holding a band tailgate party after their Friday night football games.

Additionally, there will be a Band-a-Rama concert held to raise money for their band members.

Roadblock and carwash fundraisers for marching bands

The Trousdale county band boosters will be conducting a roadblock and a car wash fundraiser in their community.

They also need help getting instruments, additional instruction and training, and new uniforms. So, they will be standing on street corners near the traffic light collecting donations while wearing their marching band uniforms.

Furthermore, they will be having a car wash at the nearest Citizens Bank to raise money for the high school band. Perhaps you may enjoy these marching band booster fundraisers.

Hotdog fundraisers for school bands

The Coweta tiger pride band is excited about the 2018 competition season and so they have planned a hotdog fundraiser. The cost for two hotdogs and a drink will only be a dollar. All proceeds go to the Coweta band booster club. Additionally, they will be selling baked goods and raffle tickets for the 2019 Super Bowl.

Mattress sales and Jeep raffles for high school marching bands

The Lassiter high school marching band of Marietta, Georgia, has become one of the only 13 high school bands in the nation invited to march in the 2019 Tournament of Roses Parade in California. As you can imagine, this is very exciting for them. They will be hosting the following fundraisers.

  • First of all there will be the Lassiter band mattress sale. The sale will be conducted in the high school band room. Furthermore, they are using their Facebook event page to tell everyone about the air mattress sale.
  • Additionally, they are selling raffle tickets to win a 2008 teen Jeep Wrangler 4 x 4. Each raffle ticket is only $10. They are using social media and email to get their message out.
  • Finally, they set up a fundraising page at Crowdrise.com. All donations are tax deductible and will go to support the band trip to the Tournament Of Roses.

We hope these band fundraising tips, and suggestions were helpful to you.

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