Fundraisers For Kids

Fundraisers for Kids – we Have Great Ideas

Parents all over the country are looking for easy fundraisers for kids. They want simple ways to raise money for their children and students.

However, not all fund raising ideas are family friendly, are they? That is why this page is dedicated to fundraisers for kids. For example, you will find family friendly ways to raise money that you can implement right away.

So whether you are looking to raise funds for toddler groups, preschools, students or even a local children’s hospital, our fund raising programs, tips and suggestions can make a difference.

We invite you to read all the articles below. They are filled with ideas to help you raise funds for children.

In the meanwhile, here are some of our favorite kids fundraising ideas.

Top Fundraisers For Kids That Raise Money

Gourmet cookie dough

Fundraisers For Kids
10 cookie dough fundraiser brochure

What kid can turn down biting into a gourmet cookie? Whether that kid is 5 or 75, we love our cookies don’t they?

Our gourmet cookie dough catalog for kids is perfect for raising money for youth teams, youth groups and schools. Your friends and family get to choose from many delicious flavors including chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, sugar cookies and much more.

Free brochures, a prize program and training mean your students will get to earn the most money. How much? How does up to 50% sound to you? Click or call for more information.

Gourmet popcorn

Kid easy popcorn pleasures fundraising brochure
popcorn pleasures

Our gourmet popcorn retails for only $8 each. Your customers get to choose from amazing gourmet flavors including chocolate drizzled popcorn, Chicago style, and kettle corn too.

Students can earn up to 50% on every sale, which means up to $4.00 per sale. Stop settling for a .50 cent profit selling candy bars! Our free prize incentive program means that every child will want to sell even more popcorn to win cool prizes.

Feel free to call and ask any question you like about our program.

Gift wrap

winter wonderland fundraising for kids
winter wonderland spec 2019

Who doesn’t like to get gifts? I think you will agree there is a bit of kid left in all of us when it comes to getting presents.

Our wrapping paper fund raiser program is great for the autumn season. This is because we want you to get your products well before the holidays. Each brochure has scores of beautiful wrapping paper designs, bows and ribbons to choose from. Additionally, your friends and family will also find plenty of gift ideas.

What makes this one of our best catalogs for kids? It is because your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors will be shopping for these items anyway! So your school fundraiser can help save them a trip to the store.

Learn more about how you can earn up to a 50% profit selling gift wrap this school year.

There are many fundraisers for kids companies to choose from.

best school fundraising companies for kids
best school fundraising companies

We hope you give a chance.

Why have thousands of schools and youth organizations chosen Fundraising Zone?

We have over fifty years of helping young people and students raise money.

Plus, customer service is very important to us. So we stand 100% behind our products. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will either replace the product or refund your money.

We have over a dozen brochures with over a hundred amazing fund raising products to choose from. And you get free brochures to help you sell merchandise, plus a free custom designed parent letter to send home with the kids advertising the campaign.

There is also a free prize incentive program with fun prizes. Every child will love this! Plus you also get free phone coaching and free kickoff videos to share with your PTA or PTO.

Kids fund raising ideas for cheap

There is an old saying that it takes money to make money. The person that said this never worked with us before!

What’s better than cheap fund raising ideas?

How about free fund raisers?

When you work with us you get everything you need to raise funds for your kids group for free. We will never ask you for any money upfront to sell our fundraising merchandise. This protects you, your school or youth group, and most importantly, every child.

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FAQ about our fundraising programs

Here are some of the top questions parents and teachers ask about raising money for kid and youth groups.

What is a good fund raiser for kids?

First of all, this is a great question. A really good fund raiser is our Winter Wonderland brochure. Together parents and kids can share the brochure with family, friends, neighbors and coworkers.

This is a really good fund raiser for the fall and winter season. It is filled with gifts, wrapping paper and all kinds of pretty bows. It is exactly the kind of things people are looking for come the holiday season. Finally, your children earn up to a 50% profit on every sale.

What’s the best fund raiser?

That depends on your objective.

What is important to you about having a fund raiser for kids? Let’s talk about it so we can match the best brochure for your needs.

What are some unique fundraisers for kids ideas

  • 50/50 raffles.
  • Silent auctions.
  • Water balloon fight fund raiser.
  • Sell t-shirts.
  • Kids Art show.
  • Kids Talent show.
  • Dog walking.
  • Baby sitting.
  • Wash cars.
  • Glamour photo shoots.
  • Restaurant night out.
  • Walk-a-thon
  • Read-a-thon.

What should I do to raise money?

It all depends on how fast you need the money. If you need money today, then you could wash cars to raise money. You could also rake leaves, walk dogs, and babysit to raise funds for your kids.

If you have time to plan an event, then you can organize a bake sale, garage sale, yard sale or use one of our popular kids fund raising brochures.

What are the most profitable fund raisers?

The most profitable events are where the kids get to keep all of the money.

For instance, your students and youth group could gather donated items and hold a garage sale. This way everything they make at the yard sale is profit.

On the other hand, selling popcorn and cookie dough can also be very profitable. While other fund raising companies pay 30% profit on all sales, Fundraising Zone pays up to 50% profit on all sales. Best of all, your school has no out of pocket costs because you pay for product from the money you collect.

What are some easy fund raising ideas?

Brochure fund raising is very easy for kids. That is because there is an easy system to follow. In other words, you do not need to figure this out yourself. Thousands of schools have done this already. Simply follow the steps one at a time.

You get to pick from the dozens of  brochure products we carry. We will then send your brochures in the mail. Show them to your family and friends. They will pay you for what they want and we will ship it to you. You can’t get easier than that!

What should I sell for a school fund raiser?

Schools have raised thousands of dollars selling candy, cookie dough, popcorn, gift wrap and pretzel kits. We have dozens of great items to sell in our catalogs. Finally, you get everything you need to succeed when you choose

How can I raise money fast?

You can raise money really fast by having a yard sale this week. Talk to friends, family and neighbors to see if they have anything they would like to donate. Then start advertising your sale with flyers, bandit signs, Facebook local groups and Craigslist.

What food can you sell at a fund raiser?

Food fund raisers are a great way to raise money. Kids have had success selling gourmet cookie dough, gourmet popcorn, trail mix, gummi bears and all kinds of snacks.

When people look at the beautiful photos of delicious food in our catalogs, they can’t help but order. Don’t be surprised if they order more than one!

What are the best kid fundraiser ideas?

The best programs for schools are the ones that are not only fun and profitable, but have a company that stands behind its products. Your school’s reputation is on the line. So team up with a reputable kid friendly fund raising company. For example, you can check for online reviews on google and Facebook. Look for problem reviews. Notice how the problems are handled and rectified. This tells you a lot about the company. You want a business that goes above and beyond what is expected to help the school succeed.

Can a child really do this?

If your kids are old enough to hand someone a brochure then this will work.

You can also teach them to say, “Do you like cookies?” Mom or dad can add, “We are selling cookie dough to help pay for _______. ” Finally, they can answer any questions they have and take the orders afterwards.

Who will this work for?

This works for toddler groups, preschools, daycares, childcare facilities, elementary schools, youth groups and youth sports teams.

Are there any upfront costs for this fund raiser program?

Absolutely not. So you should never pay any money up front to sell a company’s products. Additionally, they should give you everything you need to succeed for free. For instance, that is how we do it here at You simply collect payment for the orders you sell and pay for your product with this money. This means there is no risk to your kids group.

In conclusion, we are here to help. We have 50 years of experience helping kids raise money. Why not call and ask a question or two? Finally, we are willing to share some of our best kids fundraising ideas with you. So, why not give us a try?