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Learn How To Run A Successful School Fundraiser

Learn how to run a successful fundraiser the easy way!


In this article you will learn how to run a successful school fundraiser. This advice will work for schools, sports teams, day care centers and youth programs. In fact, we know they will help you this morning successful in the rain for any nonprofit group you have.

Why should you listen to us? Real quick… Fundraising zone has helped thousands of groups just like yours raise money. Furthermore, we have been doing this for 50 years now. Additionally, we have a simple step-by-step system to help you run a successful fundraiser.

Are you curious about them?

1 fingerSuccessful school fundraiser step #1: Call us at 800-645-6550

You can talk to a fundraising expert for free. They will also answer your questions and help you find the ideal fundraising brochure. This way you can feel good about having a successful event.  For instance, you can choose from popcorn, cookie dough, gift wrap to dozens of other popular fundraising products. By the way, you can order your free fundraising kit here.

2 fingers 1Successful school fundraiser step #2: We ship your brochures to you for free.

Furthermore, we will send you everything else you need to succeed for free. This also includes free  collection envelopes and custom parent fundraising letters we design for you! Additionally, you will have the opportunity to either choose a bonus 2% cash rebate for everything you sell or sign up for our free incentive price program.

3 fingersSuccessful school fundraiser step #3: Show your beautiful brochures to your friends, family and neighbors.

Show the brochures out to all of your volunteers. Encourage them to show them to everyone they know. This is also a great time to tell family and friends about why you are raising money for school. Additionally, tell them why you need their help to have a successful fundraising event. You can do this on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. Furthermore, you can communicate your message by phone, text and email too.

4 fingersSuccessful school fundraiser step #4: Tally up your orders and send them to us.

The great thing about our fundraising program is that there are no costs to you out of pocket. This also makes it 100% risk free for your organization. All you have to do is collect payment from your customers in advance for the fundraising products that they buy. At the end of your two week fundraising event tally up your order and send it to us along with payment. Your group earns up to 50% profit on every sale depending on how much your group sells. This is why it’s important to set goals and to keep your volunteers motivated.

5 fingersSuccessful school fundraiser step #5: We ship your fundraising merchandise to you.

You’ll be happy to know that you may qualify for free shipping if you meet the minimum order. This also puts more money in your organization’s pocket. As soon as your fundraising items come in deliver them to your customers. Take photos of your happy customers that you can put on social media. Finally, we suggest you keep a record of all of your happy customers. This way you can visit them again for next years fundraiser.

So now that you know how to have a successful fundraiser, that raises a question. Will this work for you?

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