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Ohio School Fundraising Ideas – 25 Cent Dress Down Days

How Can you use These School Fundraising Ideas from Ohio?

The Galion City School District students did some brainstorming to come up with a fun fundraiser to help the residents at Signature in Galion, nursing center. These Ohio school fundraising ideas might give you a few ideas for your school.

It is a proven fact that when students can help come up with ideas for a fundraiser, they are more apt to get involved to make it a success. That is exactly what is happening with the fifth-grade class at Galion Intermediate School. The school district has a dress code for students.

  • “A solid white/off-white, blue or orange collared polo (no more than 4 buttons) or a collared button front shirt must be worn at all times.”
  • “No hooded tops permitted.”
  • “Approved colors for all sweaters, sweatshirts, and fleece tops are solid white/off-white, blue or orange.”
  • “Emblems & logos: Only school related activity insignia, labels, logos or emblems located on the upper left side of tops are allowed.”

Young people like to express themselves.

What better school fundraiser can you think of then for these kids to “DRESS DOWN”, and for .25 cents get to wear the shirt that they want. The kids voted and are willing to run this for the entire 2017 – 2018 school year.

How will the Ohio school fundraisers money be used?

The money will be tabulated monthly and put to good use. The funds raised will help to provide word search puzzle books, Sudoku books, playing cards, blankets and other items that the residents may need.

Kudos to the teachers & parents for teaching the students to think of helping others. This is truly a win-win for the students. They get to dress as they wish, while helping a good cause.

What else could they do to raise funds for the Ohio school district?

The dress code for students includes the following:

SPIRIT WEAR: “Team or club approved spirit wear may be worn as top if approved by coach/advisor/principal. They must maintain campus wear guidelines for bottoms.”

Many schools have had successful campaigns in designing a school shirt for each year. This becomes a school emblem collectors dream.

Our school tee shirt fundraising program will certainly help you in this area. Your PTA & PTO will certainly love how easy it is to set up. In fact we will make a custom flier for you with what your school shirts will look like. Your school keeps up to 50% of all sales made.

We hope you have enjoyed these school fundraising ideas from Ohio.